Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick run for goodies!

Dom's and Jewel

Sugar: $1.50
Morningstar: $2.49 clearance x4, $2 manq x4
Soda: 3/$1!! yay!
ICBINB Sticks: $1.99 each, $1 manq x2, earn $2 CAT
Quaker Chewy Bars: $.99 w/super coupon
$8.78 cash, earned $2 CAT
Turned around and bought Real Simple, which is one of my favorite mags to read. Used $1 manq from a magazine (last issue, maybe?) and $2 CAT. Paid $1.99 for this magazine which includes:
TARGET q for FREE Glade Fragrance Collection
$5 GC WYB 3 Pledge
$5 Hallmark coupon that I wanted :)
Paid for itself!

Cream Cheese $.88 each. Ad says limit 2, but tag didn't say anything and they all rang up. Used $1.25/3 coupon found at Dom's! ($1.25 on any 3 items, pictures cream cheese, baker's chocolate and jello)
Moon Milk: $2 rain check, $1 coupon

Yesterday's Mail: VocalPoint Pantene coupons
Today's Mail: My 3 $5 SC Johnson Rebates

Bro found special one-day unadvertised sale of canned pumpkin for $.39 at Hy-Vee today! Bought me 6 :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Highlights

Okay then...last week I hit up Dominick's for the clearanced Morningstar products at $2.49, used $2 manq (5 boxes total. These Southwestern ones are delish!). Also did the Home for the Holidays spend $25 get $5 at Dominick's. Of course it's never as good as Jewel, but you get all those crazy e-coupons. The highlight was the Toll House RTB Cookie Dough. $3.69, had a $2 store q, $1 manq, and THREE $.55 e-coupons came off. Plus it counted towards the deal. Also got a free OJ for buying 4 Pillsbury items. Overall it was okay. and I'm going back tonight with my $5 cat for some oatmeal that's $1.50.

I also scored at Jewel because they had the expired tag up for the Over the Moon milk - got one for free, one for $2 and used $1 coupon = $1/1gal!


Today I stopped at Target
Flatbread: reg. $3.99, $1.99 sale, $1 store q = $.99
Up & Up Baby Wipes: $1.97, used $1 q (thought the shelf said they were less. Oh well!)
Degree Fine Fragrance: $3.29 each, $3/2 store q, $1.50 IP x2
Printed a store q for $1.50/1 from cat machine, and I still have an IP that expires Sunday, so will go back!
CD for Matt

Jewel has Ragu for $.88, and I bought it and then Rachel points out there is a printable. Hopefully when I pick up the paper Saturday there is also a Ragu q and I will run out for some more. This is one thing where we are brand specific (picky!) so will stock up. On average with the ones I didn't have coupons for we will still be good. ALSO even though it is "limit 2" it is the usual Jewel way - 2 per FLAVOR!
Cheese is $1.28/8 oz, bought 4, used $1.50/2lb printable = $1.81/lb!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Day Overall

Phew. Rachel convinced me that buying band aids was a snap, so off I went!


The first Wag's denied me, so I left everything there and went to one two blocks away ;)
Band-aids: $1.99 with in-ad q, then $2 off each from Activity Book = earn $.03
Trident Layers: 2/$2, earn $1 RR, $.75/1 IP x2 = $.50 cash, earn $1 RR
Total: $.63 cash, left with $1 RR
(gotta love wags. Gum scans at $1.29 and $.71. so silly!)

Chili Master: $3.99 BOGO, $2/1 from AllYOU x3, $1/1 from PC book
Shopper's Value Saltines: $1.49, but FREE WYB 2 Chili = $.98 for 4 chili and 2 crackers
More meat, of course! I found one lone burger for $1.59, stew meat for $2.34, and finally some tenders for $2.74 and $3.03. Not the best on chicken, but average is good, and now I have some beef!
$7.95 cash for all that.
Plus, even though all stores have signs saying you won't earn gas rewards anymore, and spend them before they disappear; however I'm up to $.05 off again...haha. glitch!

Safeway shoppers are reporting Newman's Own Thin Crust for $2.49 "reduced for quick sale." Well, my local store had just the Supreme and Roasted Chicken & Garlic for $2.69, so I snagged one of each.
-$1 Shortcuts, $1/1 IP x2 = 2/$2.38! YUM that's tonight's dinner.
Ensure FREE after q that expired today. Used GC from script, s obasically FREE.

Overall a good day...I would have gotten some amazing things at Target, but oh well, Dominick's pharmicist like left the building or something, so I couldn't transfer my script and I didn't buy anything...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sign Up for Vocalpoint

If you have yet to, you MUST sign up for Vocalpoint. They send amazing coupons quite frequently, and you don't even have to do anything in response! I also love their packaging and think their marketing team does a great job.

Vocalpoint Goodies

Sample of Secret Clinical Deodorant with 5-$2 coupons, and a Kashi packet with 2-$3/1 and 3-$1.50/1 coupons for Go LEAN Crunch! Yay! On sale for $3 at CVS this week.

Speaking of CVS..

Quick CVS Trip

A perfect example of using coupons to pick up fun stuff for FREE while only paying for the things you need ;)
Zyrtec: $22.99, $4 manq
Kashi: $3, $3 Vocalpoint q
Candy Corn: 2/$.88
Snickers: $3.59 BOGO
Used $5/$30 coupon. Paid $19.32 cash for the needed Zyrtec, and hubby got the candy he wanted :)

The ad is slightly confusing, as you get $5 ECB WYB $20 of Halloween candy, and there is a page of candy sales. However, it seems that ALL candy is a part of this week's deal because the Snickers and candy corn both counted on my receipt. Now debating if I want to go back for M&Ms or other things. Not sure. Can get them cheaper at Target this week. Anyway, I think it is ALL candy because last week's ad said "Selected Halloween Candy" and this week's ad dropped the "selective." Now maybe we can find some deals....

We also made a quick stop at Petsmart to cash in on 6 of those FREE treat coupons from a couple weeks back, and a toy with a $3 survey coupon. And Trader Joe's for $23 worth of groceries. heh. Kinda cancels out the Jewel deals, but we got good stuff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...

...Remember that jingle? haha

MORE chicken!

As you can see, these are SMALL packs of chicken!! It averaged out to $1.11 per pound!! I highly recommend you try and score some of these tomorrow (last day!) I hit up two stores on my lunch break, and they didn't have any. One store on the way home had 1+lb packs, so I didn't get them. But my closest store had a good amount to choose from! I also got a 3-pack of Glade refills on clearance for $.50 and a can of beans. All that for $4.52 total :)

[My two days averaged out is 4.58 pounds of chicken and 1 pound of beef for $7.03 total, or $1.26 per pound!]

I also saw the Fruit 2o 20 oz bottles were $.89, so try and use those $1 coupons if you have any left!

Monday, October 12, 2009

MMM, Chicken and Pasta!

Yes, I went to Jewel again. I haven't felt this way about Jewel in a while!


See? $3 instant savings and Fav 4 Meat savings ;)

Fav 4 Meat

I totally lucked out at the Westmont store. Three packs of chicken left: $1.49, $1.68, $1.97. Then a twin pack of pub burgers for $3. Then the auto $4.10 deduction. A total of 1.93 pounds of chicken and two 8-ounce burgers for $4.11! That's $1.40/lb. GREAT I may stop at my local Jewel before work tomorrow. Can't beat that for thinly sliced chicken breast. I would like some tenders, too.

MORE Pasta!

I also found a $1 OYNO catalina at self-check (But not until after I paid for the meat) so I decided to come home and print the Ronzoni Smart Taste coupons that appeared today.
Pasta: $1 each x8, Used 4 $1/2 IP
Juice: $2.50, $1 coupon in Jewel PC Update book
Used $1 OYNO cat, got instant $3 savings for spending $10
Total of $1.86 cash! hehe. Cashier was shaking her head to herself as she put in my coupons, but didn't say anything. I also got some GREAT cats from the garbage. LOVE self-check. $1/1 on: Honey-Comb, Grape-Nuts, Swanson Broth, ANY Skippy, nut-trition. $3 on any Green Works laundry detergent.

All in all, a great day. Good thing we love pasta. I'm gonna go boil some up for workday lunches.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SC Johnson Rebate

SC Johnson Rebate

I was pretty excited about the $3.50 Glade Fragrance Collection IP, especially when I started reading about the prices at Wal-Mart and then the rebate here!

The three-wick candles were $4.50, and I used 4 of the $3.50 coupons
Small jar candle on rollback for $3, used $3 IP
Nature's source cleaners at Target: 3 were $2.99, one was $2.49
On each I used a $1 store q, and a $1 manq (from the insert and some on the bottle).
Total cash: $9.72
Will get back $15 in rebates, so I made money! Will be great as Christmas gifts :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pasta, anyone?

More Jewel

Well, Jewel and Dominick's both rocked the pasta (haha) this week. Not like we needed to stock up or anything, and Matt doesn't like whole wheat pasta, but oh well! ;)

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest: $1 each, bought 8, 4 - $1/2 IP
Palmolive: $2.50, $.75 manq
-$3 instant discount for spending $10, will get back at least $2.50 for Palmolive rebate!

We also had stopped at Jewel Wednesday night:
Jewel Water = FREE after coupon
Coffee-Mate: 2/$4, $1/2 store q, $1/1 IP x2 = 2/$1
Yoplait: $.50 each, $.30/1 store q x5, $.50/6 IP = 6/$1
Propel: $.47 each (super sale!)
Stoneyfield limited Pumpkin Pie flavor: $1 (no, not on sale!)
Dasani water: Free with mycokerewards coupon
CASH: $4.79
The two ladies in line behind me were impressed with our savings! haha

Dominick's has a sweet deal where you buy two jars of Classico and you get two boxes of Barilla FREE. Well, thankfully I had held on to some catalina coupons I had (expired, got from Dom's) for $1.50 off ONE jar!
Classico: $2, $1.50 x2 = 2/$1
Barilla: 2 FREE
Dishwashing Gloves: $2.50, $1 IP
CASH: $2.50

CVS had a candy deal that was meh, but I wanted the Reese's for Matt's stocking!
Reese's: $9 for two-8-ounce cups. Craziness
Kisses: 2/$6, $2/2 CRT, $1/1 manq x2
CVS Gummy Worms: $1
Lindt Bars: 2/$4, $1/2 manq
Spend $20, earn $5 ECB
Revlon nail polish: $3.99, earn $3 ECB

Monday, October 05, 2009

Jack Attack

Jack seemed to know this purchase was for him:

Target 1
Target 2

Palmolive: $2.49, $.75 manq, will submit for FREE rebate
All: $1.02 each, $1 manq = $.02 each
Hormel Compleats: $1.87, $2 manq, adjusted = FREE
Fancy Feast Appetizers: $1.22 each, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = FREE
Cesar Dog Food: $.89, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = FREE
Feline Pine Litter: $5.51, $1.50 IP FREE rebate
Purina ONE food: $5.99, $2 Target q, $3 manq = $.99
Pantyhose: $3.24
Total: Used $5 GC from Kashi deal. $11.44 cash, will get back $13.51 in rebates


CVS brand shampoos: $1.99 each, $2 CVS q from RIB = FREE
RIB magazine: $.99
Gold Emblem nuts: $.99, $2/2 CRT
CVS Immodium: $5.49
Used $2/$10 CVS CRT. Earned $2 quarterly prescription ECB

There is only one package of nuts pictured because someone thought that was for him, too, and ran off with it in his mouth. =)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meijer and Savings Updates

Meijer Goodies

Whew. I set foot in Meijer and had a GOOD experience. That is so outside of ordinary! I had a self-check lady who said yeah, the coupons had been giving her trouble today, and she feels bad for us customers who have to have patience while she keys them all in. So of course I jump in with the "and the ones that yell at you when it isn't your fault." Her response? "I'm not inside the computer!" haha

Canned Veggies: $.99 each, $1/3 Meijer Meal Box (MBQ) x2, $1/5 IP = $.49 each
Starkist Tuna: $1.29 each, $.50/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 IP = $.29 each
Healthy Choice: $2.50 each, $2 IP x2 = $.50 each
OM Deli Creations: $2 each, $1/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 manq = $.50 each
Over all, a GREAT trip, and makes me more apt to try Meijer in the future.

Today I received my $4/1 Star product coupons (5 total, yay!), a $25 GC for Ace from my Discover Rewards. Coincidentally, I also got a $10/$30 Ace coupon from VISA, meaning if I spent just a bit over $35 I can combine the two (must use VISA card to use coupon).

Wal-Mart has my Over-the-Moon milk on price rollback for $2, thanks to the blogs I read since the shelf wasn't marked. Used the $1 PDF coupon to get 2/$2. This is the best chocolate milk and the 1% milk tastes great as well. Easy to stock up on because they are dated 10/31. I need to make room in the fridge to buy a few more before the price goes back up. Also bought the Sara Lee Lunchmeat and the YoBaby 3-in-one meal. Great deals to be had!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jewel Goodies

Jewel had a great deal going - buy 4 Nabisco products for $10, get an instant $3 off!
Crackerfuls: $2.50 each, manq for FREE WYB Ritz = 4 FREE
Ritz: $2.50 each, $1/2 tearpad x2 = $2 each
Then $3 off, twice = 8 boxes for $2!
Fruit 2o Essentials on sale for $1, $1/1 manq! = FREE
Fancy Feast Appetizers: $.99 for a twin pack, BOGO manq = $1.98/8!
I did two transactions and used two of the Discover Card $1 on your order q, so I paid under $3 for 8 crackers, 8 cat food, and 2 water. yay!

Target Gift Card Deal

Another day of Target love!
Transaction #1
Dove PB: $3.04, $1 Target q. $1 manq = $1.04 (these are GOOD)
Sandwich Thins: $2.79, $1 manq
Yoplait: $1.98 for the YoPlus, $1.93 for the Fiber One, $1 manq on each
Chef Michael: $4.26, $1.50 Target q, $3 manq (mom and I both got overage on this trip)
Total: $6.04

Transaction #2
Chef Michael's: $4.26, $1.26 Target q, $3 manq (she caught the overage on this one...)
Glade Sense & Spray: $5.69, $2 Target peelie, $4 manq (...yet let the overage slide on this one)
Kashi Pizza: $4.98, $1 manq, $1 Target CRT mom got today
Kashi Cookie: $2.88, $1 manq
Kashi Cereal: $2.88, $2 manq
Kashi Waffles: $2.64, $1.79, $1/2 manq
Total: $9.17, PLUS earned $5 GC!


This freebie was actually Fed Ex'd to us yesterday. The note is handwritten, adn we got 4 sample bags, a chip clip, and an amazing coupon book with two each of FREE, BOGO, and $1. woo hoo! Also at PetSmart today, we got a $3 coupon for doing a phone survey. Great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Trips

CVS Today

Degree Deodorant: 2/$7, $1.25 manq x2, earn $2 ECB
Colgate Total: $2.99, $1 CRT, $1 manq, earn $2 ECB
Thermacare Wrap: $2.49, $1 CRT, $1 manq
Almay Mascara: $7.29 BOGO, $1 manq x2
Spent $10 ECB, only earned $4, but they were expiring anyway...

YAY Target!

Oh, Target. If your registers would only work the way you think a register should...
Glade Sense & Spray: $5.69, $2 Target peelie, $4 manq = -$.31
Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner: $2.99, $1 Target q from Real Simple, $1 manq = $.99
Tide Stain Release: $3.74, $1.50 Target q, $1.50 manq = $.74
Pop-Tarts: $1.46, $.55 manq, $.75 Target q = $.16
La Victoria Salsa: $2.46, FREE coupon came in the mail = FREE
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice: $1.74 each, $1/2 Target q, $1/3 manq = $3.22/3 (good for fast dinners)
Bumble Bee Tuna: $1 each, $1 manq x5 = FREE
Yoplait Fiber One: $1.93 on sale! $1 manq = $.93 each!
Crest Pro-Health: $3.04, FREE coupon but it took off $3.74 I guess for the Tide...odd. = -$.70
Rimmel Mascara: $2.24, $2 manq = $.24
Chef Michael's can food: $.84 each, $1.19 x2 manq, $.84 x2 Target q = -$.70 (it originally took off $4.26, the price of the BAG. so strange. She then fixed it to be the coupon max, which is funny since she commented on how they are cracking down on coupons)
Chef Michael's dry food: $4.26, $1.50 Target q, $1 Target q, $2.50 IP, $3 manq = $.52
Used $5 GC I had from Special K deal. Spent $3.10 cash! YAY!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More Rebates =)

Winter is coming!

I LOVE winter, and I love soup and crackers as an easy lunch. It's something I can leave at work so I can have it at whim, and it's very low cal so I can then enjoy granola bars and more fruit through the afternoon. I hit up Jewel like the old days, rolling some cats and earning some rebates...

Transaction #1
10 Progresso Light Soup: $16.67 sale price. Used 5 $1/2 store coupons from PC book, 3 $1.10/3 IP = paid $8.63 cash, and earned $5 GM Cat

Catalina AND 2 rebates!

I then decided I would finally take part in the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate, which overlapped with the Cat.

Transaction #2
Morningstar Burgers: $4.07 pre-card, $3.67 sale, $1 IP x2
Special K Crackers: $4.25 pre-card, $3 sale, $1 IP x2
Speical K Bars: $5.89 pre-card, $4.50 sale, $1/2 IP
Whole-Grain Cheez Its: $1.77 sale, $.75 IP x4
Pre-card total for cat: $28.42 What helped keep this close to $25 was that the Cheez Its are NOT part of the catalina, but they ARE part of the rebate =)
Used $5 GM Cat to help pay. Still paid $17.08 cash, BUT I should be able to submit the Fuel for School $10 rebate, AND I got more Special K tokens so I can send for the $10 Jean Voucher, which makes this stuff FREE, PLUS I earned $10 in Cat!

FREE yogurt

Transaction #3
I oringally only wanted yogurt, but ended up doing the Kellogg's deal in between LOL
On sale for $2, had $1 manq. Bought 4, plus one fruitcup so I could spend my $5 cat. whew. $.20 cash

Spent $25.91 cash (ouch!)
$10 Kellogg's rebate(which includes $70 Dell coupon as well...won't use it though)
$10 Special K Jeans Voucher
$5 Cat still in hand

Not too shabby. Although the Special K crackers aren't listed on the I'm a bit worried, but oh well. I'm not returning the stuff. Still good deals!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sometimes, I even amaze myself!

I vaguely member sending away for some free formula sample a while back...well, Matt got the mail while I was out today, and I had three samples! Free newborn diaper, free Head & Shoulders AND free formula....yes, each can makes 15 - 6 oz bottles! That is CRAZINESS!! Good thing I know a baby being born this weekend! :)


CVS was sorta ho-hum, but stuff I could use.

CVS Essentials

Cookies: 2/$5, $1 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Kleenex: $2.59 x2 (I've used an entire box so far this week, and I'm down to my last one! A necessity!)
Got a $3/$10 CVS CRT today, so used it.
Progresso: 3/$6, $1.10/3 IP, earn $2 ECB (love this for lunches in winter!)
Oatmeal: $1, $.75 IP = 2/$.50

(Debating hitting up Jewel for the GM Catalina...I could get 9 more soup for ultimately less per can than at CVS. But then it's actual cash. hmmmm)

Target rocked, again. Cashier was a bit put off, but so what?

Target Knockout!

9 small bags of Chef Michaels $.50 ea, 9 FREE coupons
8 cans of Chef Michaels $.84 ea, 4 Target BOGO and 4 man BOGO = 8 FREE
Bounce Dryer Bar: $3.74, $2.50 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.26
Kraft Miracle Whip (we were out): $2.54
Archer Farms Green Beans (also out): $.72 each
Shick Intuition Gift Packs: $8.48, $4 manq, $4 Target q = $1.44 for 3!
Special K: $2.39 each, $1 manq on each, earn $5 GC!!
Paid $11.86 cash, plus have a $5 GC in hand!


We'll see if I get to Jewel tomorrow...hmmm.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And now, for something completely different


Friday I hit up Target for the same things I've been buying all week - had the same cashier as I did Monday, and she said she'd "see me again next Monday!" LOVE her!! Too bad they don't have the Chef Michael's dog food....doubt I'll be going there this week.

However, did hit it up today with mom and bro:

NEW Target

First up, Super Wal-Mart.
Marie Callendar's: $2.50, used $1.50 IP.
FREE after coupon Chicken Teryaki thingies.
Applesauce, makeup brushes and a cute ceramic pumpkin for $5.
Altogether $14!

Super Target was GREAT to me today. Not only did we have an amazingly friendly cashier at Wal-Mart, the one at Target was SO impressed with our (all three of us had a transaction) purchases!

Chef Michael's Dry dog food: sale for $4.26, $3 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.24
Chef Michael's wet food: sale for $.84. BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 2 FREE
Cesar wet food: $>99, BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 8 FREE
Buddies bar: $.97, FREE after Target q
Tide Stain Release: $3.79, $1.50 manq $1.50 Target q = $.79
I totally WON with the Schick razor!! They are on sale for $6.99, plus there was a $4 manq expiring today, AND a $4 Target q in today's paper! But this means they either wouldn't accept the coupon, or they won't know how to adjust it down. I was going to get the razor, but then on a clearance end cap, we spotted a GIFT PACK!! It was marked $8.48 and it includes the razor, refills, stainless steel water bottle, and a Target bag that folds up into a pouch like thing and velcroes shut! So I got it for $.48!!!

I paid $.25 for all that stuff at Target!!! The animal shelter will be so happy! Hopefully I can get a bit more this week.

My free Schwan's delivery is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Time will tell!!

Walked to my Dominick's when I got home, they don't have the Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, bummer. Will go tomorrow to another location. Also, Wal-Mart had great fitting jeans for $18, just not in the length I wanted, so I shall go back.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why yes, Thursday *is* shopping day!

Whew. On Thursdays I travel about 20 miles down Ogden avenue, which means I can hit up many, many stores, and often multiple locations of the same store ;)

First up: Dominick's. They are having one of their "Buy 5, save $5" deals. I scored! Wished I had my free sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine with the FREE coupon, but it hasn't arrived yet...

Dom's Cereal Deal

(Prices are AFTER $1 savings per box)
Cheerios: $1.50 x2, $1 IP x2
Kashi Autumn Wheat: $2 x2, $1.50/2 IP
Kashi Puffs: $2, FREE product coupon from a complaint
Kashi U: $2, $1/1 from Whole Foods booklet, $1.50/1 IP
NV Nut Clusters: $2 x3, $1 IP x3 Also: Cellfire AND ShortCuts each took off $1 Nut Clusters and $.40 NV granola bars. Go figure... but $.20/3!
The cashier fed me a line about if an Internet q doesn't scan, they won't accept it. I told him to be sure he covers up the goofy barcode then. Somehow he scanned a $1 a 2nd time, so TOTAL: $3.53 w/tax (so $.36 each!!!) That's better than my target price of $.50/box, and for healthy cereal for once!

Cheap Chicken!

I stopped at Jewel to try out the hidden deal of Fave 4 meats that I read about on Rachel's blog. I have read this before, but not tried it. Worked like a charm! About $1.58/pound, sweet! Great deal for "fancy" cuts like thin cutlets and tenders. We'll have fun breading these up and adding to pasta or dipping in sauce.

I then hit up Target, with unpleasant employees!


Buddies Bar: $.97, Target q adjusted down automatically: FREE
Gerber Bottle: $.99, FREE after Target q
Cinnabon bars: $2, $.50 Target q, $1 IP = $.50
Archer Farm Bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
GM Cereal Cup: $1, FREE after Target q
Yoplait: $2.25 x2, $1 IP x2 = $1.25 each
Chef Michael Dog Food: $.89 each, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = 2 FREE! Both coupons took off the amount automatically!
The cashier told me she was not allowed to take the GM cereal coupon on the cup, I politely said there was no size restriction on it, so yes, they do take it. Called some CS person over, and she said "I need ALL of the coupons" and she printed a copy of my receipt at another register so she could review things. That's like saying to my face "you are abusing the system!" I'm not the one that makes the coupons!! sheesh

Finally, the drug stores:

Drug Store Steals

CVS: 12 of the protein bars that are B2G1 (so 4 free), an used 6 BOGO q (pay for 2 total). PLUS I used the "$4/$20 Diet or Nutrition Items" q from the ReadyFill booklet.
Gade Sense & Spray: 2/$10, used $4 manq x2, to pay $2 and receie $3 ECB
FREE nut coupon from my e-mail
Used a $2.99 ECB. But although the protein bar q's are up to $1.59 and they cost $1.79, he took off full price, so I could only use 5 BOGO q's. $.45 for all that!"
Walgreens had vitamins on sale for $6.99/100 ct. Used $2 manq and $2 Wags q from the Back to School August booklet. $2.99 each is quite decent.
Rimmel eyebrow pencil: $2.09 on sale, used $1 manq.

(yesterday at CVS I got my mom the new Zyrtec eye drops. $12.99 sale, $4 manq, $5 CRT and $2/$10 allergy purchase from ReadyFill book!)

WHEW. That shopping always tires me out, but it is totally worth it. 4 boxes of cereal for a coworker, 2 for my brother at grad school, the bottles and buddies bars to add to a gift basket for our youth pastor and his wife, dog food to donate, etc. Shopping is such a thrill!! I still can't believe anyone pays full price for anything.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Target strikes again!

Yeah, Target today. The cashier gave me my total, and I handed over my coupons and she says "My favorite part!" DEFINITELY looking for her next time!!

Super Target 8/24

Buddies Soap: $1.02, $1 Target q = $.02
Gerber Bottle: $.99, $1 Target q = -$.01
Cinnabon bars: $2, $1 IP and $.50 Target q = $.50
GM Cereal Cup: $1, $1 Target q = FREE
Bananas: $.50 Target q = $.17
Egg Beaters: $2, $1 IP = FREE
Yoplait: $2.25 each, $1.25 IP x2 = $1 each
Dove Deodorant: $3.29, $1 Target q, $2 manq = $.29
Yay! $3.97 + tax = $4.27 total!

Jewel 8/22

My Jewel had Dannon 3/$1, and avenu was $.50/3 Light n Fit!
12 LnF: $4, $.60/6 manq x2, $2 off with avenu = $.10 each!
4 reg. Dannon: $1.34, $1/4 catalina = $.08 each!
Jewel Parmesan: $2.50
Honey Bunches of Oats: $2.50, $2 IP = $.50
Sara Lee Bread: $2.49. Found coupon on display to get pack of mini bagels free with bread purchase!
Used $5 catalina from Kraft deal.
With tax, $2 for ALL of that. PLUS the two update your PC booklets. woo hoo! More FREE milk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay coupons!

CVS, Dominick's, Super Target

Smithfield Bacon: 2/$6, $3 IP x2 = FREE!
Easy Mac Velveeta: $1.25 each. Earned $1 catalina for each pair, and used BOGO coupons = 8/$1.16 (they were $1 at Jewel, but I was already at Dominick's)

Sobe: $1.79 BOGO, BOGO IP x2 (up to $1.59). Miscalculated my total, could only use one q in my trans, so went back for two more with 2nd q :)
Listerine: $3.99, $1 CRT, earn $1 ECB
CVS Tampons: $1.89 Free after ECB
J&J First Aid Kit: $.99, buy 2 get $2 ECB x3
Softsoap: $3.99, $1.50 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Used $4/$20 from ReadyFill coupon book, spent $11.99 ECB and earned $10.89

(I had a *great* cashier who just put through every coupon with no comment!)
Archer Farms Crackers: $1.49, $1 Target q = $.49
Cinnabon bars: $2, $1 IP and $.50 Target q = $.50
Archer Farms Artisan bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
Corn Pops Bowl: $1, $1 Target q = FREE
Bananas: $.06 after Target q!
Int'l Delight Creamer: $1.15 sale, $1 IP x2 = $.15 each!
Yoplait Fiber One: $2.04, $1 IP = $1.04
Edwards Pie Slices: $1.14 clearance, $1 IP x2 = $.14 each!
Limited Edition Dt Dew: $.99 (splurge! LOL)
$3.83 with tax for ALL that! I love Target

Jewel Kraft Rebate

This is what I got for the Kraft rebate at Jewel. Spent $22.32 cash, and have $5 cat plus $20 rebate. Not too bad. We make our own ied coffee, so this was a great deal. Plus, those Crackerfuls are SO GOOD!

Also stocked up at Wal-Mart with my FREE coupons: Rice Krispies, Might Dog, Alexia Chips (from 'rebate'). Plus milk is $1.49 and eggs $.77!

Recently I have written to CoffeeMate to tell them I don't like the redisgned lid, and they sent me a FREE coupon :) I'm debating writing to Nabisco to say I LOVE the crackerfuls and to ask for more coupons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Target and Jewel


Bic Pens $1 x2, $1/2 Target q, $1/2 IP
Combos $1.50, $1 Target q
Bananas $.06/3 after coupon!
Apples FREE after coupon!
Softsoap $1 x2, $1 IP x2
Oven-Ready Lasagna noodles $1.38 each, cheaper than Barilla!
Frozen Spinach only $.86 each!
Sports bras on clearance

Gardein: $5.29 each, but FREE after coupons :)
Jennie-O Ground Turkey: $5.49 BOGO, $5 Biggest Loser q!!
Baby Carrots: $1.99 BOGO
case of Jewel water FREE after coupon.
I basically paid under $3 for all that. LOVE free coupons.

I leave you with this undiginified pose by Jack. He was playing with his toy and just stopped, and didn't move for about a minute. Weirdo!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Shopping Summary

Okay, there is one lone photo. It's been one of those weeks including mini-vacay, sales meetings at work and VBS all week, plus Dr appts on Friday. So groceries have been scattered and put away in stages, etc.

Target Joy

Target Summary:
Trans #1:
Tidy Cat $10.99x2, used 2 -$2 manq peelies and a $2 Target CRT. earned $5 GC.
Mighty Dog: 9 cans with FREE coupon
All 2-load size $.02 each after q (8)
$16.52 for that because I got $2 more off than I should because she was doing the coupons the long way rather than pushing the K1 button. *shrug*

Trans #2:
2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.79 used 2 $2.50 q that mom printed. By the time I got there they were even out of $2 ones.
Kashi cereal cup FREE after Target q

Trans #3:
2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies FREE after q
8 All $.02 each after q

Trans #4:
Glade Soy Candles: $2.74 on clearance, used $3 manq adjusted down
True North nuts: $2.99, used $1 coupon, had peelie FREE rebate!
Kashi Cereal Bowl FREE after Target q
6 more All at $.02 each (26 total!)
Zone Bars were our BEST result. They had bonus 6 bar packs instead of 5 for $4.79 each, which made them comprable to when we purchase at Sams Club, plus Sams doesn't carry this flavor. So we bought 2. Also used BOGO q for 2 bars. However, when he scanned BOGO coupon (didn't even read the q, just scanned) it took off $4.79 automatically!! BOGO on the BOXES! SWEET.
This trans was $10.08 and will get back $2.99 rebate. I love Target some days!!

(Target transactions over 3 days, haha. Love it.)

At Ultra:
3 Coffeemate at $2.59 each, used $1.50 IP x2 and $.55 IP= $4.36 and earned $1 cat
then picked up:
Centrella Milk: $1.78
Over the Moon Choc milk: FREE after q from a few weeks back
6 Fisher PB FREE after q
two clearanced soup bowls for lunches
Saved $.10 for two bags I bought, and used $1 cat. $2.90!! Worth it for milk :)

Returned two expired (by FOUR months. gag!) Starbucks Frap to Walgreens and got GC back. Earned $10 with script GC at Target.

12 Pineapple Bites BOGO and BOGO q
2 Nabisco 100-Calorie packs 2/$3 after Super Q, used $1/2 from Save $55 booklet
Barilla Picolini pasta: $.69 after Super q, used $.75 IP
18 Eggs $.99 after Super q
Butter $1.49 after Super q

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Don't

It was one of "those" days at Dominick's, where things went awry but (mostly) to my favor. hmmm. Reminder: never use internet coupons at this location. It freezes the self-check. Ooops!!

When I scanned my card, out popped a $3/$10 produce, which I just so happened to have :) No photo as I split the watermelon with mom, shared pineapples with the bro, and had the salad for dinner.

Dentastix: 2/$6, $2.50 Shortcuts, $2.50 IP x2 = -$1.50!!
Colgate: $2.49 w/Super Coupon, $.75 CellFire x2, $.75 manq = $.24
one apple (Jazz, never heard of it, sounded good) = $.59
Watermelon: $1.99
Chiquita Pineapple: bought 12 on sale BOGO, used 6 q from the packages. the other 6 still had q and I still have 3. On sale til next Wednesday, so will go back for later exp. date. (she rang up 13, but I had to leave, didn't read receipt right away, biggee)
Salad from deli: $4.99
$23.49 before any q, paid $5.18 from my $30 GC for transferring my script. Should have been $1 less, but hey, $5 for ALL that? That's my dinner alone and the rest is free LOL

Target :)

Target for once was EASY because the lady in front of me had all clearance items, plus a Nutrogena with the $3 q which impressed the cashier. Good sign for me!

Kashi Strawberry Waffles: $2.94, used FREE Vocalpoint q
Kashi Honey Oat Waffles: $1.99, $1.50 manq, $.25 Target q = $.24
Softsoap refills: $3 clearance, $2 Target q, $1 manq = FREE
Breyers Yogurt: $.52 each, $1/2 IP = 2/$.04
PopChips: 2/$5, $1 IP x2, $1/2 Target q = 2/$2
After q and with tax: $2.54

Went back after church for one more Softsoap and two All detergents ($1.02 with $1 q). $.30 for all three :)

Now plotting my Sunday CVS Attack. Debating going at 7am to get enough items to make $30. Debating if it is worth it or not...could make a lot of ECBs and I have been burning through them quickly!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

E-coupons are crazy!

You really should just load all the coupons from CellFire, ShortCuts and P&G e-saver. Because the discounts just fly off the screen!.

Dominick's Trip 7/28

Nature Valley: $1.50 after Super Coupon x2
Cell Fire $.40/1 ANY, ShortCuts $.50/1 Dark Chocolte AND $.50/1 ANY, $.50/1 IP

Fruit Roll Ups: $1.50 w/SC x2
CF $.50/2, SC $.50/2 AND $.50/2 (diff. exp.), $.50/2 IP

Kraft Cheese: $1.49 w/SC, $1 IP = $.49

18 ct eggs: $.99 w/SC

Duracell: $4.99 w/SC, P&Ge $1, $.75 manq = $3.24

Bakery Bread: $1.19, $1 store IP = $.19

OM Deli Creations: $.99 each on clearance (didn't risk using a q)

OM Beef Franks: $1.88 w/SC, $1 IP = $.88

Chiquita Pineapple: $.99 BOGO store sale, 3 BOGO q (all they had. but brought home 3 more q) = FREE

TOTAL: $10.66 Not too bad when you consider 1/3 of that is batteries. $2 is OM Clearance and $.99 is eggs. GREAT deals to be had with super coupons and e-coupons!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Deal Round-Up

What have I picked up lately?

La Victoria Salsa: 2/$5, bought 4 and used 2-$4/2 q's from La Vic rewards
YoPlait Yo-Plus: $2.50, $1 shortcuts q and $1 manq = $.50

Super Target
Kashi: Cereal $2.69 and Crackers $3.54. Used $1.50 on cracker WYB cereal IP, $1.50 Cereal IP and $1/1 Cereal Target q. = $2.23/2
Breyers Yogurt: $.52 each, used $1/2 IP
Colgate: $2, used $1 manq and $1 Target CRT
At Petsmart I found $2/1 Tidy Cat peelies, good til 12/2010, and then at Target I got a CRT for $2/1! Can't wait for the next GC deal. Hopefully before CRT exp on 8/31

Super Wal-Mart
Hefty One Zip: bought 4 quart and 4 gallon for $1, used $1q. Were bonus size boxes.
Breyers Yogurt: $.50 each, used 2-$1/2 IP
Tyson Frozen Skillet Meal: $5, used $1 q, sent for FREE rebate.

Lean Cuisine: 6/$10. Bought 12, used B2G1, $1/3 x2, $1/2 x1
Skinny Cow: 3/$10. Bought 4, used 4-$1 q, sent for $4 rebate = $5.34/4

Chiquita smart bites: $1 each. Used 2 "buy any get pineapple free" peelies and two free/$1 on any. $.07 tax for all four.
(Stopped in today for yet another coupon book for updating my card.)

Pillsbury simply... cookies. $2 each, buy 10 earn $5 cat. Mom and I pooled our $1.25/1 Psst... q's so we had 10 total. Cashier @ self-check argued that they were photcopied. Then that they were internet. I said IP don't look like that, but they insisted. Sheesh. Then said they had limit 4 of one q or else the man. won't reimbursh them and it comes out of their paycheck. Lady who finally put them in because other told her to said she got written up last time, but would do it. Said she wasn't arguing (uh, what?). You know they get their $$!! Sheesh. But the ONE good thing about Meijer is the cat prints after you scan the items, not when you pay. So I used the $5 because I was fed up. $2.95 after tax for all 10. Into the freezer for Christmas baking! This is totally why I haven't set foot in Meijer in well over a year. Gosh.

Croc Mary Janes. Clearnce for $4.88. Even with shipping, $11. Regular $30. HAD to buy them when the only ones left were my size (10), the color I have wanted (fuschia)

Mail Call!

Mail Goodies

Cosmetic bag from Seventeen mag. nice!
Right at Home gift pack. I have never gotten one. Maybe it doesn't tell you when you sign up that they are out? Who knows. Sample of Nature's Source AP cleaner and a packet of forget-me-not seeds.

Friday, July 03, 2009

And I didn't even try!

Sooooo, we had the $10 Cat burning a hole in our pocket (doesn't expire til 7/11, but don't want to forget it!) and needed a few things to make snacks for tomorrow's party, so we headed off to Jewel.


Special K: 3/$5 when you buy 3, $1q x3 = 3/$2
Sabra Hummus: $3.99 BOGO, $1.50 IP x2 = 2/$.99
Jewel Bacon: $3.50 sale
Kraft 2% natural cheese: $1.69 each, $1 IP x2 = $3.07, earn $2 cat
(of course they make these 7oz now! jerks)
Wild Harvest Organic Milk: $3.69 = FREE coupon
Pillsbury Cookies: $3.99 = FREE coupon (from Psst...)
Jalapenos: $.55 for 14. Super sale!

Used $10 cat, had $15.68 in manq, and earned $2 cat
Turned around and used $2 cat on bag of chips for $2.50. Paid $1.17 cash total for all the goodies!


We also stopped at Kohl's with a free $10 that came in the mail, plus store credit. We ended up paying $1.29 cash for a shirt and two pair of earrings.

Then we stopped at TJ's and Sams for some goodies like pita chips (to go with the hummus) and some oatmeal and two-buck chuck.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Crocs Giveaway!

Head over to Common Sense with Money to enter for a $50 Crocs gift card! I already own five pair in different styles and would love to add yet another!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Month-end Review

Yes, our four-week June experiment has come to an end. And we ended on a high note!! $7.01 left of our budgeted $250. Not too shabby, considering all of the items we got for stocing up and donating! Plus plenty of treats like some beer and other goodies from Trader Joe's.

Started out this month by going to our farmer's market here for the first time ever in two whole years of living here ;) It's only Sunday mornings, which isn't too convenient for us. Spent $10 on fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Roasting them up to go with some chicken for dinner tonight! Today I hit up Target for my script with GC q and got some deals.

Palmolive Eco + Dishwasher detergent: $2.74 x2, used two $.50 Target q and a free Target reusable bag q from Sunday's paper.
PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams...oh YUM!!! Worth $5. I promptly sliced up an apple and dished up a serving of this goodness. I even licked the plate when I was done!
Hair color $6.94
Ham. buns $2.49 (Arnold Sandwich Thins, which I have wanted to try. Who can beat 100 cal and 5g fiber? Made with 100% Whole Wheat four, too)
$10.21 after GC, so good deals.

I also got my $15 Miller rebate in the mail. yay! boosts this weeks budget. teehee

So yes, we are continuing this budget. Not sure about entering the AllYOU grocery contest. hmmm it makes you include dining out, but excludes household items, so I guess the dish detergent wouldn't count. But what about health & beauty? We are going on a mission trip during the contest time period, and so I'm not sure how much food for ourselves we have to provide, which could push us out of the budget. Will have to think about this one!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, yes I AM crazy.

But seriously. This Jewel catalina is great. Many people think it ended yesterday with the end of the ad week, but us die-hards know better. I hit up three Jewels, all of which had decent stock, and got to visit with some former coworkers of mine. I also hit up two Dominick's and Super Target. I even got a free iced coffee at Starbucks with a postcard I had! Three hours of driving/shopping later, I had:


Yeah. That's INSANE.

Jewel #1:
Pudding x5
Ketchup x4
Alexia x1 ($1 manq)
=$20.29 towards deal, $9.99 after sale + q, $.18 cash

Jewel #2:
Popcorn x2 ($1 manq x2)
Tom. Sauce x9
Mustard x2
Ketchup x3
=$20.55 towards deal, $11.50 after sale + q, $1.74 cash

Jewel #3 and #4:
Oil x2
Ketchup x3
Diced Tomato x2
=$20.45 towards deal, $10 after sale, $.26 and $.18 cash

These two had different totals because she started to put in the q as grocery, but I said the $10 does scan when they are in full assist mode (we used to work together, so she believed me. Plus we did trans #2 and the cat came out, so it all worked out for me in the end) and she learned something new ;)

Propel and Fuze were part of a $.99 sale, but $.80 each when you buy 10 or more in a single transaction. I had $.50/1 Propel coupons (x19) and BOGO Fuze coupons (x19) that I have found at gas stations and Walgreens/CVS. Turns out, the 1st BOGO you scan asks the cashier for a price, and they put $.99, but then all other q's scan at $1.59, which is regular price before any sales. This made most of my Fuze $.005 each!! $1.60-$1.59 q? WOW! Had a nice chat with self-check lady when I came back with my second transaction, and she put in my first q for me, at $.99, as she had on the last transaction, and then I just scanned 12 more at $1.59. CRAZINESS!!!
Total: $10.18 for 57 bottles! Hubby is SO happy with this stuff!!

Super Target:
Normlly, my luck would run out here. Thankfully the cashier simply scanned all of my coupons in order, reading the Edy's as it was the only one that said 'item not found' but she was definitely not pleased as she didn't tell me to have a nice day and wasn't thrilled with my final total :)

Dawn: $2.29, $.50 Target q, $1.50 manq = $.29
Pace: $2.09, $.50 Target q, $1 manq = $.59
Eggo: $1.50, $1 manq = $.50
Edy's: $1.19, $1 Target q = $.19 (I deserved a treat after shopping, although hubby was sad I ate it all LOL)
Pictureka card game: $6.64 sale, $5 manq!
=$3.91 cash

Whew! Today I purchased a total of 103 items for $16.45 cash, or $.16 each!

Jewel Catalia deal total: $12.59 cash for 85 items is $.15 each

I plan one more Jewel deal, as my mom has 4-5 Alexia qs she's giving me tomorrow. Hubs is taking 3 bags of groceries (some from the last cat) to the local mega-church's food pantry, some for our moms and some for my bro in grad school, and some for a coworker. I love sharing!! We certainly can't eat it all, but I'm glad I got things we actually needed like kethcup and canola oil.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Catalina Rolllllllllling!


This was one of those days where I actually love Jewel. I stopped on my way to work, as I knew they stocked overnight and if I wanted any chance of getting some canola oil (which I need!) I had to go then, at 7am. They had it! But I was too chicken to try what I had heard, that they were honoring the ad misprint of "Spend $20, get $10 OYNO" rather than spend $25. Had to be corporate because that's automated in the system, and not like each store could honor a misprint price of a single item.

5 oil = $27.50 shelf, but scan $12.50. Paid with $10 cat, $2.78 cash and earned new $10. So yes, I could have saved $2.50 + tax, but heck, this is what I would pay for one bottle, so I was still happy.

Then after work I decided to hit another Jewel since I still wanted ketchup and my store had been out. Still no ketchup, no mustard either. Oh well (and oil out, I checked just because)

Alexia snacks: $2.99 towards deal, but $1.99 sale, $1 manq on each. Bought 5
Hunts Pudding: $1.90 towards deal, $1 sale, $1/3 manq
=$20.65 towards deal, BUT only $12.95 OOP! Minus $6 in q, means under the $10 cat. So I picked up milk for $2.28, knew I was $.78 short of $10, so I grabbed a pound of bananas. Perfect.
$.51, rolled cat to a new one! So the deal definitely works on spend $20, but it ends tomorrow, and I seriously need nothing but ketchup. Then again, I have one more Alexia coupon...Plus, I'm sending in my receipt for a coupon for a free bag, which is great too!

Now I'm up to $10.23 OOP on the Jewel Cats, for 44 items, which is $.23 each. woo hoo!!

This week remaining: $26.58

I leave you with a random cat pic that I found hubby had taken and uploaded: