Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Catalina Rolllllllllling!


This was one of those days where I actually love Jewel. I stopped on my way to work, as I knew they stocked overnight and if I wanted any chance of getting some canola oil (which I need!) I had to go then, at 7am. They had it! But I was too chicken to try what I had heard, that they were honoring the ad misprint of "Spend $20, get $10 OYNO" rather than spend $25. Had to be corporate because that's automated in the system, and not like each store could honor a misprint price of a single item.

5 oil = $27.50 shelf, but scan $12.50. Paid with $10 cat, $2.78 cash and earned new $10. So yes, I could have saved $2.50 + tax, but heck, this is what I would pay for one bottle, so I was still happy.

Then after work I decided to hit another Jewel since I still wanted ketchup and my store had been out. Still no ketchup, no mustard either. Oh well (and oil out, I checked just because)

Alexia snacks: $2.99 towards deal, but $1.99 sale, $1 manq on each. Bought 5
Hunts Pudding: $1.90 towards deal, $1 sale, $1/3 manq
=$20.65 towards deal, BUT only $12.95 OOP! Minus $6 in q, means under the $10 cat. So I picked up milk for $2.28, knew I was $.78 short of $10, so I grabbed a pound of bananas. Perfect.
$.51, rolled cat to a new one! So the deal definitely works on spend $20, but it ends tomorrow, and I seriously need nothing but ketchup. Then again, I have one more Alexia coupon...Plus, I'm sending in my receipt for a coupon for a free bag, which is great too!

Now I'm up to $10.23 OOP on the Jewel Cats, for 44 items, which is $.23 each. woo hoo!!

This week remaining: $26.58

I leave you with a random cat pic that I found hubby had taken and uploaded:



Amanda said...

The spend $20 limit is definately working. I did it twice tonight on Hunt's snack packs (I don't know what possessed me to buy 11) and on Hunt's diced tomatoes. I'll try for the oil tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the $1 Alexia snack coupons?

Helen said...

some were in various months of All YOU magazine, some were home mailers.

Together We Save said...

Wow - that is amazing.