Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Don't

It was one of "those" days at Dominick's, where things went awry but (mostly) to my favor. hmmm. Reminder: never use internet coupons at this location. It freezes the self-check. Ooops!!

When I scanned my card, out popped a $3/$10 produce, which I just so happened to have :) No photo as I split the watermelon with mom, shared pineapples with the bro, and had the salad for dinner.

Dentastix: 2/$6, $2.50 Shortcuts, $2.50 IP x2 = -$1.50!!
Colgate: $2.49 w/Super Coupon, $.75 CellFire x2, $.75 manq = $.24
one apple (Jazz, never heard of it, sounded good) = $.59
Watermelon: $1.99
Chiquita Pineapple: bought 12 on sale BOGO, used 6 q from the packages. the other 6 still had q and I still have 3. On sale til next Wednesday, so will go back for later exp. date. (she rang up 13, but I had to leave, didn't read receipt right away, biggee)
Salad from deli: $4.99
$23.49 before any q, paid $5.18 from my $30 GC for transferring my script. Should have been $1 less, but hey, $5 for ALL that? That's my dinner alone and the rest is free LOL

Target :)

Target for once was EASY because the lady in front of me had all clearance items, plus a Nutrogena with the $3 q which impressed the cashier. Good sign for me!

Kashi Strawberry Waffles: $2.94, used FREE Vocalpoint q
Kashi Honey Oat Waffles: $1.99, $1.50 manq, $.25 Target q = $.24
Softsoap refills: $3 clearance, $2 Target q, $1 manq = FREE
Breyers Yogurt: $.52 each, $1/2 IP = 2/$.04
PopChips: 2/$5, $1 IP x2, $1/2 Target q = 2/$2
After q and with tax: $2.54

Went back after church for one more Softsoap and two All detergents ($1.02 with $1 q). $.30 for all three :)

Now plotting my Sunday CVS Attack. Debating going at 7am to get enough items to make $30. Debating if it is worth it or not...could make a lot of ECBs and I have been burning through them quickly!!

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