Monday, September 28, 2009

Meijer and Savings Updates

Meijer Goodies

Whew. I set foot in Meijer and had a GOOD experience. That is so outside of ordinary! I had a self-check lady who said yeah, the coupons had been giving her trouble today, and she feels bad for us customers who have to have patience while she keys them all in. So of course I jump in with the "and the ones that yell at you when it isn't your fault." Her response? "I'm not inside the computer!" haha

Canned Veggies: $.99 each, $1/3 Meijer Meal Box (MBQ) x2, $1/5 IP = $.49 each
Starkist Tuna: $1.29 each, $.50/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 IP = $.29 each
Healthy Choice: $2.50 each, $2 IP x2 = $.50 each
OM Deli Creations: $2 each, $1/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 manq = $.50 each
Over all, a GREAT trip, and makes me more apt to try Meijer in the future.

Today I received my $4/1 Star product coupons (5 total, yay!), a $25 GC for Ace from my Discover Rewards. Coincidentally, I also got a $10/$30 Ace coupon from VISA, meaning if I spent just a bit over $35 I can combine the two (must use VISA card to use coupon).

Wal-Mart has my Over-the-Moon milk on price rollback for $2, thanks to the blogs I read since the shelf wasn't marked. Used the $1 PDF coupon to get 2/$2. This is the best chocolate milk and the 1% milk tastes great as well. Easy to stock up on because they are dated 10/31. I need to make room in the fridge to buy a few more before the price goes back up. Also bought the Sara Lee Lunchmeat and the YoBaby 3-in-one meal. Great deals to be had!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jewel Goodies

Jewel had a great deal going - buy 4 Nabisco products for $10, get an instant $3 off!
Crackerfuls: $2.50 each, manq for FREE WYB Ritz = 4 FREE
Ritz: $2.50 each, $1/2 tearpad x2 = $2 each
Then $3 off, twice = 8 boxes for $2!
Fruit 2o Essentials on sale for $1, $1/1 manq! = FREE
Fancy Feast Appetizers: $.99 for a twin pack, BOGO manq = $1.98/8!
I did two transactions and used two of the Discover Card $1 on your order q, so I paid under $3 for 8 crackers, 8 cat food, and 2 water. yay!

Target Gift Card Deal

Another day of Target love!
Transaction #1
Dove PB: $3.04, $1 Target q. $1 manq = $1.04 (these are GOOD)
Sandwich Thins: $2.79, $1 manq
Yoplait: $1.98 for the YoPlus, $1.93 for the Fiber One, $1 manq on each
Chef Michael: $4.26, $1.50 Target q, $3 manq (mom and I both got overage on this trip)
Total: $6.04

Transaction #2
Chef Michael's: $4.26, $1.26 Target q, $3 manq (she caught the overage on this one...)
Glade Sense & Spray: $5.69, $2 Target peelie, $4 manq (...yet let the overage slide on this one)
Kashi Pizza: $4.98, $1 manq, $1 Target CRT mom got today
Kashi Cookie: $2.88, $1 manq
Kashi Cereal: $2.88, $2 manq
Kashi Waffles: $2.64, $1.79, $1/2 manq
Total: $9.17, PLUS earned $5 GC!


This freebie was actually Fed Ex'd to us yesterday. The note is handwritten, adn we got 4 sample bags, a chip clip, and an amazing coupon book with two each of FREE, BOGO, and $1. woo hoo! Also at PetSmart today, we got a $3 coupon for doing a phone survey. Great!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Trips

CVS Today

Degree Deodorant: 2/$7, $1.25 manq x2, earn $2 ECB
Colgate Total: $2.99, $1 CRT, $1 manq, earn $2 ECB
Thermacare Wrap: $2.49, $1 CRT, $1 manq
Almay Mascara: $7.29 BOGO, $1 manq x2
Spent $10 ECB, only earned $4, but they were expiring anyway...

YAY Target!

Oh, Target. If your registers would only work the way you think a register should...
Glade Sense & Spray: $5.69, $2 Target peelie, $4 manq = -$.31
Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaner: $2.99, $1 Target q from Real Simple, $1 manq = $.99
Tide Stain Release: $3.74, $1.50 Target q, $1.50 manq = $.74
Pop-Tarts: $1.46, $.55 manq, $.75 Target q = $.16
La Victoria Salsa: $2.46, FREE coupon came in the mail = FREE
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice: $1.74 each, $1/2 Target q, $1/3 manq = $3.22/3 (good for fast dinners)
Bumble Bee Tuna: $1 each, $1 manq x5 = FREE
Yoplait Fiber One: $1.93 on sale! $1 manq = $.93 each!
Crest Pro-Health: $3.04, FREE coupon but it took off $3.74 I guess for the Tide...odd. = -$.70
Rimmel Mascara: $2.24, $2 manq = $.24
Chef Michael's can food: $.84 each, $1.19 x2 manq, $.84 x2 Target q = -$.70 (it originally took off $4.26, the price of the BAG. so strange. She then fixed it to be the coupon max, which is funny since she commented on how they are cracking down on coupons)
Chef Michael's dry food: $4.26, $1.50 Target q, $1 Target q, $2.50 IP, $3 manq = $.52
Used $5 GC I had from Special K deal. Spent $3.10 cash! YAY!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More Rebates =)

Winter is coming!

I LOVE winter, and I love soup and crackers as an easy lunch. It's something I can leave at work so I can have it at whim, and it's very low cal so I can then enjoy granola bars and more fruit through the afternoon. I hit up Jewel like the old days, rolling some cats and earning some rebates...

Transaction #1
10 Progresso Light Soup: $16.67 sale price. Used 5 $1/2 store coupons from PC book, 3 $1.10/3 IP = paid $8.63 cash, and earned $5 GM Cat

Catalina AND 2 rebates!

I then decided I would finally take part in the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate, which overlapped with the Cat.

Transaction #2
Morningstar Burgers: $4.07 pre-card, $3.67 sale, $1 IP x2
Special K Crackers: $4.25 pre-card, $3 sale, $1 IP x2
Speical K Bars: $5.89 pre-card, $4.50 sale, $1/2 IP
Whole-Grain Cheez Its: $1.77 sale, $.75 IP x4
Pre-card total for cat: $28.42 What helped keep this close to $25 was that the Cheez Its are NOT part of the catalina, but they ARE part of the rebate =)
Used $5 GM Cat to help pay. Still paid $17.08 cash, BUT I should be able to submit the Fuel for School $10 rebate, AND I got more Special K tokens so I can send for the $10 Jean Voucher, which makes this stuff FREE, PLUS I earned $10 in Cat!

FREE yogurt

Transaction #3
I oringally only wanted yogurt, but ended up doing the Kellogg's deal in between LOL
On sale for $2, had $1 manq. Bought 4, plus one fruitcup so I could spend my $5 cat. whew. $.20 cash

Spent $25.91 cash (ouch!)
$10 Kellogg's rebate(which includes $70 Dell coupon as well...won't use it though)
$10 Special K Jeans Voucher
$5 Cat still in hand

Not too shabby. Although the Special K crackers aren't listed on the I'm a bit worried, but oh well. I'm not returning the stuff. Still good deals!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sometimes, I even amaze myself!

I vaguely member sending away for some free formula sample a while back...well, Matt got the mail while I was out today, and I had three samples! Free newborn diaper, free Head & Shoulders AND free formula....yes, each can makes 15 - 6 oz bottles! That is CRAZINESS!! Good thing I know a baby being born this weekend! :)


CVS was sorta ho-hum, but stuff I could use.

CVS Essentials

Cookies: 2/$5, $1 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Kleenex: $2.59 x2 (I've used an entire box so far this week, and I'm down to my last one! A necessity!)
Got a $3/$10 CVS CRT today, so used it.
Progresso: 3/$6, $1.10/3 IP, earn $2 ECB (love this for lunches in winter!)
Oatmeal: $1, $.75 IP = 2/$.50

(Debating hitting up Jewel for the GM Catalina...I could get 9 more soup for ultimately less per can than at CVS. But then it's actual cash. hmmmm)

Target rocked, again. Cashier was a bit put off, but so what?

Target Knockout!

9 small bags of Chef Michaels $.50 ea, 9 FREE coupons
8 cans of Chef Michaels $.84 ea, 4 Target BOGO and 4 man BOGO = 8 FREE
Bounce Dryer Bar: $3.74, $2.50 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.26
Kraft Miracle Whip (we were out): $2.54
Archer Farms Green Beans (also out): $.72 each
Shick Intuition Gift Packs: $8.48, $4 manq, $4 Target q = $1.44 for 3!
Special K: $2.39 each, $1 manq on each, earn $5 GC!!
Paid $11.86 cash, plus have a $5 GC in hand!


We'll see if I get to Jewel tomorrow...hmmm.