Wednesday, October 26, 2005

catching up

i know, i know. it's been forever since i have updated. so here goes:
(yes, Ana. i know my pics are crappy. there is no sunlight. ever)

i got an RAK monday! i was so excited to pull an unexpected envelope out of my mailbox, from the lovely Terby.

then today i got another envelope! this one from a wonderful online store Cotton Clouds. This is a cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in 'Cherry Moon' and it photos kinda orangey, but it's the loveliest deep pink colour.

then we move on to my mittens! i join the Warm Hands Knitalong, and the mittens FLY off my needles. i made the right one last year, and finally cast on for #2 yesterday, and cast off today. all that's left is to trim ends (i wove them in as i knit!) and then block. 'Covered with Color' from the 'Knit Mittens!' book, in lamb's pride worsted. odd colours. was a kit from my LYS, and the actual colours used in the book. the blue motif on the left mitten pulls a bit, but it's still good. pics of inside once trimmed.

and then i cast on this lovely mitten! 'Chipman's Block' from same mitten book, in Lamb's Pride Nature Spun Worsted in Natural and Eucalyptus and i must say this is the most fun project i have ever ever knit! i am loving the two-handed knitting action, and also the colours and it reminds me of when i used to do cross-stitch because the back is supposed to be as neat as the front. oh yeah, this'll be a fun, fast project.

i might cast on for the fair-isle vest tonight as well, take that to school with me. woo hoo for all this knitting!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

new LYS!

so..class gets out, and my train doesn't leave for an i wander two blocks south on State St (That Great Street (tm) ) and take a gander at Loopy Yarns. they are still kinda setting things up, putting in some finishing touches, but it's great. the prices are FOB. 220 for 6:45, fixation for $5.45, lorna's laces shepard sock for $9.75...they have lots of Cascade, Berroco, Lorna (tons of LL! all kinds!) and many other odds and ends...even the Addis seemed to be decently priced. so i would definitely go back. without my wallet. we should plan a knitty meetup, Mitten and everyone else :D so yeah...this came home with me:
Image hosted by
sorry for the crappy photo...colour is Puprle, purple and a bit of tan. definitely brigther in real life, but it's a cloudy day today.

on the shawl: 6 repeats done on second half. 6 to go. i'm getting there!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

it's my blog-o-versary!

woo hoo! i have been knitblogging for one year. :D click on the oct 2004 archive link to see what was up one year ago.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Laura knows me so well!!

my mom picks me up from the train and says i have a big box from Texas! I'm like, from Pearland?!! the UPS guy came today, woot woot!

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and i must say, Laura knows me so well as she picked a great assortment of Ms. Stranger's yarn to fling my way.
first off was the brand new in the bag linen/cotton that i loved when she posted it on her site:
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and then Laura knows me so well, this'll totally be a sweater for me cuz i LOVE this tag, but it's soft and fluffy and bumpy and slightly thickish:
Image hosted by

and then this green stuff...not too keen on it yet, but it's 15% mohair and the rest petrol products. but it'll come in handy for something:
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now, hiding this box in the back of the closet til after the holidays are done..cuz i need to make gifties, then the current list of things i want for myself and THEN can use this stuff. see if i have the willpower....


Monday, October 03, 2005

half-way there!

my shawl has 12 repeats, and we are calling that half done. now my biggest challenge is casting on the other side so that the colours stack up in the same manner. wish me luck!

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