Saturday, September 05, 2009

More Rebates =)

Winter is coming!

I LOVE winter, and I love soup and crackers as an easy lunch. It's something I can leave at work so I can have it at whim, and it's very low cal so I can then enjoy granola bars and more fruit through the afternoon. I hit up Jewel like the old days, rolling some cats and earning some rebates...

Transaction #1
10 Progresso Light Soup: $16.67 sale price. Used 5 $1/2 store coupons from PC book, 3 $1.10/3 IP = paid $8.63 cash, and earned $5 GM Cat

Catalina AND 2 rebates!

I then decided I would finally take part in the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate, which overlapped with the Cat.

Transaction #2
Morningstar Burgers: $4.07 pre-card, $3.67 sale, $1 IP x2
Special K Crackers: $4.25 pre-card, $3 sale, $1 IP x2
Speical K Bars: $5.89 pre-card, $4.50 sale, $1/2 IP
Whole-Grain Cheez Its: $1.77 sale, $.75 IP x4
Pre-card total for cat: $28.42 What helped keep this close to $25 was that the Cheez Its are NOT part of the catalina, but they ARE part of the rebate =)
Used $5 GM Cat to help pay. Still paid $17.08 cash, BUT I should be able to submit the Fuel for School $10 rebate, AND I got more Special K tokens so I can send for the $10 Jean Voucher, which makes this stuff FREE, PLUS I earned $10 in Cat!

FREE yogurt

Transaction #3
I oringally only wanted yogurt, but ended up doing the Kellogg's deal in between LOL
On sale for $2, had $1 manq. Bought 4, plus one fruitcup so I could spend my $5 cat. whew. $.20 cash

Spent $25.91 cash (ouch!)
$10 Kellogg's rebate(which includes $70 Dell coupon as well...won't use it though)
$10 Special K Jeans Voucher
$5 Cat still in hand

Not too shabby. Although the Special K crackers aren't listed on the I'm a bit worried, but oh well. I'm not returning the stuff. Still good deals!!

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MU said...

At first I was so excited about Kellogg's rebate deal... then I realized how am I going to buy 10 Kellogg's items at once?! And when would I eat them all? And where do I store them all?

... so I gave up on it. LOL