Saturday, December 23, 2006

almost there!

Matt will be picking me up in 15 minutes. All i have left is buttons and weaving ends. so here's the prelim shots for you. so far i LOVE it. the sleeves are long enough, and the sweater is actually a good length as well. we should have light enough for me to have time to finish these things. but yay for me wearing my Christmas sweater! all the details will come with final pics, but i cast on dec 6 and finished today, dec 23. yay!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Catching Up

so after all those entries in a row, i seemindly took a break. because i was knitting furiously.

First off, last Friday Deborah (she's weirdly Canadian!) was in town on business, so Matt and I took her out to Giordano's for traditional Chicago style deep dish pizza. but really, her boss paid for dinner. yay! that was way cool. Of course i got a pic

she made me nifty stitch markers out of string and ribbon! way cute. two sizes. already been using them on my current sweater.

Here's the back and the fronts blocking:

Last year, i knit that fair isle vest in two weeks to wear for Thanksgiving. So on December 6th, I decided to knit a sweater to wear Christmas. hahahaha. i am SO NUTS. but right now i'm working on sleeve #2 while these pieces block, and i bought buttons at HL today (nice wood ones) and using my favorite yarn (220) currently i am frogging the bottom of it as i go (Mariah) directly into this sleeve. my mom found that amusing.

time to get knittin!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

yay for more FOs!

real fast:

Before and afters of Fuzzy Feet made out of leftover 220 from my vest last Thanksgiving (the vest i made in two weeks to wear! dare i attempt something new for Christmas when today is the 6th??)
Could stand a bit more felting, maybe. but my feet will be nice and warm. a great pattern, Theresa!

Attending an ornmanet exchange tomorrow. whipped this Crane up today:
red with gold dots. fast, easy, and cute. one pic of true colour, then without flash to try and show you the shape better.

Frogged Mariah today. Will maybe cast on tomorrow...hmmmmmmm

Friday, December 01, 2006

snow day!


and then i got further than i thought on my sweater:

so that's it. yes, three days of updates in a row. whatever will Ana do with me?