Friday, July 03, 2009

And I didn't even try!

Sooooo, we had the $10 Cat burning a hole in our pocket (doesn't expire til 7/11, but don't want to forget it!) and needed a few things to make snacks for tomorrow's party, so we headed off to Jewel.


Special K: 3/$5 when you buy 3, $1q x3 = 3/$2
Sabra Hummus: $3.99 BOGO, $1.50 IP x2 = 2/$.99
Jewel Bacon: $3.50 sale
Kraft 2% natural cheese: $1.69 each, $1 IP x2 = $3.07, earn $2 cat
(of course they make these 7oz now! jerks)
Wild Harvest Organic Milk: $3.69 = FREE coupon
Pillsbury Cookies: $3.99 = FREE coupon (from Psst...)
Jalapenos: $.55 for 14. Super sale!

Used $10 cat, had $15.68 in manq, and earned $2 cat
Turned around and used $2 cat on bag of chips for $2.50. Paid $1.17 cash total for all the goodies!


We also stopped at Kohl's with a free $10 that came in the mail, plus store credit. We ended up paying $1.29 cash for a shirt and two pair of earrings.

Then we stopped at TJ's and Sams for some goodies like pita chips (to go with the hummus) and some oatmeal and two-buck chuck.

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Bezzie said...

Looks like a More than $10 Cat is examining your $10 Cat purchases ;-)