Friday, May 27, 2005

oh boy. lovely.

what's up.... umm. hmm. i dunno. Madli died today. Check it here. so i will use it to make Lily Chin's reversible rib shawl. yay!

and i dunno...guess that's it. so now i will head back to my secret crochet project that needs to get mailed soon...

huge wonderful swap working out with monkee...damn enablers. like i need MORE yarn. umm, yeah. i do. for yet another shurg. even though i have yet to finish one.

time to go partay it up! hehe

Thursday, May 26, 2005

so it's like this...

there's this yarn, Paton's Fresco that i have been eyeing forever...and it has been discontinued. but everyone's favorite, herrschners has it yet again in their sale yarn for only $2 a ball...and i love the free pattern that comes with it...or maybe this yarn would even work for x-back, i dunno...

and a certain someone actually chose not to enable me, but instead told me not to buy anything....and i had listened because their shipping is pretty bad

but then i saw all the yarn there again this week...

and i just happened to get an e-mail that said they still had free shipping....

so i bought it for myself. and oh yeah..

i bought a little something for her, too, so she couldn't yell at me

/me runs off giggling


Sunday, May 22, 2005

no more blood and gore

if the last post was for Missy, then the next post MUST be for Joeli. She told me she was tired of seeing my thumb every time she clicked on my blog. i don't know why she could keep coming back to my blog, other than that she loves me. So here I am, just typing away so that my thumb will move futher down the page and she won't have to look at it. Speaking of, it now looks like nothing. I heal very quickly. only problem is this is right where my thumb bends and so now that it has the slightest scab forming, it means it is inelastic and when i bend my thumb it pulls and hurts. hmmm. speaking of my thumb anyway. at least she doesn't have to look at it. and did I mention she TOLD me this? yeah. not just in chat. ON THE PHONE! my uncle says we have unlimited long distance on our cell phones so he said to TALK AWAY! even though he says he doubts I have any friends. so yeah. nice way for him to treat his favorite neice, eh? then again, I am his only neice LOL

for those of you who came here to see what new knitting I was speaking of, erm. sorry. my sock is coming along good, but no pics. no pics of anything. most all of my schoolwork is due this Wednesday, so i will then have lots of free time to knit. LOTS OF FREE TIME! which means I may also sleep a lot. thank goodness!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

post for monkeeeee

i got a huge papercut on my thumb at work today. papercuts (usually from cardboard) are the norm. but this one....*yeowch* and she wanted a pic. you know her. i'm looking at it and realize i have a huge flap of skin on one side, so i take my manicure scissors and snip away (i love doing this) and then see a short black something stuck in there, so I grab some tweezers...and i'm all better, with a neon pink bandaid, since my bro was in my bathroom and i couldn't get to my winnie the pooh ones. my camera is a small cruddy one with no macro, so this is what you get:

and i made this crappy little rendering in paint, to show monkee the kind of man's sweater pattern i am looking for. set-in sleeves, open/split collar with toggle button and fold-over collar. plain and simple. any ideas?

why didn't monkee mention the Knitty surprise is up? nothing for me though. maybe i should check out the board more often and learn these things. i bet they are griping right now. oh wait, did i say that out loud?!?

in response to being sick and my faithful readers...

yeah. i need to stop self-diagnosing. considering today i woke up with a full nostril cavity (wait, that implies only one side. scratch that. but not literally) and a sore throat. yum. right now my head hurts. but i have water and an orange and yogurt for lunch. yippee! that'll make me feel better.

as i admire how Lisa responds to comments, i will now do so:

Joeli said (just not here): you are fine. you worry too much. stop it.
i love you, too, dear ;)

Laura said: Sounds like normal stress to me. Personally, I wouldn't go to the doctor but I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. And I agree. no doctor for me unless i am dying. sounds like stress to me, too.

Jaclyn said: Whatever it is, you're not alone. I've been feeling that way too. Maybe it's some sort of natural aging thing that happens to us 21 year olds
Must be it. we are OLD *giggles*

Rachel said: crap. i closed the comment window. anyway...try meditation or whatnot! i'll send you fun things!
Rachel, when you get that silk, we can work something out. No incense, thanks :) doesn't do much for me. but i have a special something for you :) :) :)

the school library is having its first annual book sale with books starting at 25 cents. think i'll go take a look-see

Monday, May 16, 2005

whattsa matter for you, hey! itsa not so bad....

yeah. that title is polka. yay!

anyway, should i go to the doctor?

lately i have trouble wanting to sleep, even though I am tired. well, that's not exactly it. because if i went to bed, i would fall asleep. but i have too much to do. so much homework, so much other stuff, just LIFE. it gets in the way, no? This has been one of my toughest semesters at school, which is odd since i have had harder classes before. There is just too much due and not enough time, which is, of course, my fault. but i cannot seem to work on it. any excuse i can find to not do homework is a good one...i don't care what it is. plus i am ALWAYS hungry. which i think stems from not enough sleep. your body wants fuel any which way it can get it. i've been hungry like this before, but it usually goes away. and i get headaches every day.

so my first thought is ADD. which i might very well have, because from speaking to friends who have it and really just hanging out with them, i think i might exhibit some of those qualities. but there has to be something else. or can this keep my mind so busy i don't want to go to bed either? I think it is mainly just a mind block...NO, you have too much to do! you can't sleep. growl.

enough self-diagnosis. whaddya think?

forgetful me

the purple shawl in the pics from the last post is indeed the infamous that-which-need-not-be-named Clapotis in Red Heart Plush. yum. kept me warm enough

Saturday, May 14, 2005

what fun it is....

yes, i have finished the red crochet shawl, have started a sock and have made progress on my shurg. pictures to follow soon, i promise. in the meantime, you can look at the pics from my fun time last night...
such cute pictures!
and then check out justin's as well:
mostly the same

knitting content to resume soon...only three more weeks of class!

Monday, May 09, 2005


Missy forgot to send out a little somethin when she sent that lovely yarn. so she sent it separate...which made my day


aren't they sweet? I (heart) IKEA


Friday, May 06, 2005

Look ma! No....erm, dpns? pattern? etc?

hmm. Ana is trying very hard to get me to stop using patterns. See something I want to make, and just DO IT. Instead, I am leaning on her....

look what a monkee sent me!!

it's rayon/cotton/linen and boy is it nice once it's washed. and it's a smooth purple and fluffy brown..thick and thin...

And Ana is helping me construct a shurg/cleave-y/choke thing. yay! I learned magic loop with my awesome 40 inch denise cable that i yoinked out of a sweater i wanted to frog anyway...

That's all for now. time to get to the library for some research

Thursday, May 05, 2005

*grumble mumble mutter-grunt*

darn it, pookie. a boob, err BOOK meme....great.

1. Total Number of Books in Your House: Well, unlike Wendy, I'm not afraid of seeming 'freakish.' I counted the books on my bros' shelf...close to 300. so multiply that times the five other shelves in the house.....and the 250 i have listed for sale on *me counts on monkee's fingers, Joeli's shoulders, and grabs an abacus* that makes....almost 2,000. that's not too many, is it? books are SO

2.The Last Book You Bought Was: hmm. normally i go to the library...honestly, i haven't bought a book in a long time. but i'm pretty sure it was Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns (whatever it's called) by Ann Budd

3.What Did You Last Read Before Getting Tagged: I just finished Debbie Macomber's A Good Yarn. It's the sequel to The Shop on Blossom Street. Both books rock.

4.Write Down 5 (or 6) Books You Often Read, or That Mean a Lot to You: Well, the Little House books are some of my favorites. I also read the Bible a lot, and the Left Behind books are really meaningful.

5. Who are You Going to Pass The Stick on to and Why? I dunno who hasn't been tagged by this one....i will go with Ariel because she was my lovely SP i sent things to...and of course to monkee because it will annoy her...and...umm..Rachel because that way she can show off her new blog template...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Never have I seen anything more lovely.....

OH MY GOSH!!!! You knitty people never fail to impress. Your kindness and generosity just goes SO FAR!

so one day Ana asks me what color purse I would like. And lists some fabrics. And so i get this:

wow wow wow!

it is even nicer in person. she is an amazing seamstress, not to mention knitter!

it gets better...

This is a lot richer in color in person, but my camera stinks. trust me, it's fab. and although she didn't say, i am positive it's handspun and hand dyed by her. WOW, i say!

THANKS SO MUCH ANA!!! hey ana....Joeli says you two have the same phone, and i peeked at the picture of your desk in your photos and we have the same pencil case. i love tupperware!