Wednesday, November 21, 2007

oops. over a month pics today. quick post while at work.

-got a promotion! yay! i get a desk and a computer and everything! go me go.

-crocheted a scarf for my church secretary, since she gave me yarn she bought and never was able to really learn to knit so i surprised her by returning the yarn in the form of a scarf.

-halfway done with my Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace shawl. want to wear it in two weeks, hmm...

-crocheted a baby sweater (so cute!) for a girl from church. shower in a few weeks i think...

happy turkey!

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Wedding Photos!

Of course it is free to look, so enjoy!

To view the photos:

Click on the link provided at the bottom of this page - which will take you to the Michael Candid website.
Then go to the "Order Online" page, open it and click the "View Event" button.
When the new window opens, fill in the following name and password information:

User Name: Thomas

Password: 5632

Fill In Your Email Address and your first name, then just sit back and click to view the special event!

Friday, September 07, 2007

yay marriage!

okay. i have no internet at home, and can only go to the library every so often. So...meh. at least you get an hour at a time, which is more than I have seen at any other library. It's not all that far from our house. And I can check internet at work. But I probably won't get a lot of time there either. so here are my honeymoon photos and yes, I went to Windsor Button, I met Stariel, and I bought some clover circs so I can start my fair isle sweater hopefully this month and some...yarn. and crap if I remember what it was. super soft laceweight alpaca. even though i wanted the sea silk but we got mixed up when we were picking out colours but I am still happy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


*whimper* help me! Who uses flickr to add photos to their blog? I have the free version. lots of pics to share, but no idea how to do it simply. i know how to do it the looooooooong roundabout way, which i refuse to do. i do not have time. help me....bloglines is being a butt, meaning i cannot even look at fellow bloggers i know use flickr (like Laura and Cristi, but i bet they pay for flickr)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Wedding Flowers!!

Yes, today I cast off one last white flower. And then, I discovered it was one extra. sheesh. even though I counted them over and over a million times and one. but they are DONE. This photo represents the last year of knitting, plus I made a Hush Hush and a garter and a contracted shawl, etc. But focused on these flowers.

I knit them all, except that my super amazing friends helped me! Laura knit two for my bouquet, and three more were sent to me by Ana and Ceci. These ladies rock my world so much!

Upper left: Dark pink for mom corsages and white for dad bouttenaires.
Upper right: light pink for Matt and white for his two guys
Lower left: Three white for each of my gals
lower right: 7 light pink for me!
flower girl, ring bearer, ushers (who are just ushering, not standing up) and pastor get fake flowers I will arrange nicely. yay for calla lillies and the pattern is of course from last summer's Knitty. just in time to get me all whipped up into saying i NEED these for my wedding! And even though the wedding is just 30 days away, I do not regret saying I would do this for me. Time is not running out yet. Must go get assembling!

Please re-subscribe to my blog if you use a feed reader. I think when you switch to new blogger it messes things up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what have i been up to?

Why, knitting. I think. But mostly moving into our new apartment! and by "moving" into "our" apartment I mean getting Matt settled in while I take as much as possible leaving with me only enough to live on for the next five weeks til I actually move in. Once we got it all set up, we realized just how much room we have! yay!

Click for big, of course.

Welcome to our home!

The coat and storage closet...

many kitchen towels thank to grandma...

Matching bathroom goodies!

The tile in the shower and on the floor looks NEW. Very nice.

Head across to the kitchen...

mmm, shiny red things! like a mixer which I have always wanted!

IKEA table and chairs.

shiny toaster!

I am going to put up my chair and my knitting basket in this corner in front of the bookshelf. mm, my own space!

The place where all the wires go...need more cords!

who's that guy??

one more room to see...

into the lair!

Where the knitting books hide!

fluffy new pillows

our generous closet.

There you have it! Now to organize my yarn for transport...keep watch. I may be getting rid of things for the cost of shipping plus a buck or so to cover boxes and PayPal fees. mainly akrill, but hey. it's good stuff.

Promise wedding flowers soon! Two left to close.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

super generosity of knitties!

Last year I knit a shawl for Ana and Ceci's gramma. She LOVES it. Ana hired me to do it, and payment arrived, along with many more gifts! I am running out the door to catch a plane for my first ever trip to VEGAS (back Monday) but couldn't NOT blog this. links and details later, cuz i forget. and i need food fast, heh


Stash yarn Ana dug out for me to play with, the last wedding flower Ceci knit me. A stunning necklace...flower made out of shells! I have many weddings to attend this summer, and this will go great with my dress. Cannot wait to wear it. it's unique and gorgeous!

And the payment for the shawl, some of Ana's handspun! IT's so soft, lovely, even, heavy, and I know the colour is "Forest" but I forget all the details. Will check back with Ana and give you yardage next post as well. It's amazing stuff. mmmmm and then the stitch markers Ana makes that I purchased.

These ladies are SO generous and kind and I love them. Yay Ana and Ceci!!!!

off i go!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pictures, as Promised!

Okay then, here we go!

The completed knitting of Hush-Hush:

Promise a modeled pic along with all the details as soon as the ribbon is put on. hopefully soon! (forgot to take pics of garter in progress. oh well :p)

Next up, my wonderful package from Fee! These cookies are sooooo good, Bezzie! The traditional HobNob, but in mini form with chocolate cream in the middle! Oh, yum. And LOOSE PG tips, my favoritest tea ever. I am so excited to try loose tea in my nifty steeper thingie from the Container Store. And the yarn Pr0n!!! I never have this kinda photo-age!

Yarn is freedom spirit by Twilleys of Stamford in such beautiful colours! 262 yards total of a light worsted will make me a lovely scarf. hey wait, would it work for a mini Clapotis??? OH JOY! I wonder.....

And last but most certainly not least.... Tucker drove us into the city on a quite frigid, blustery, and snowflakes in the air April day in Chicago..... (SO typical!) to meet Amy!!! I think it was so great to actually see the garments from the book. I dearly want the light blue tiny-cabled sweater out of Rowan Calmer, but it'd need to totally be lengthened, and I don't wanna think of the cost of that...ugh. But here we are, and it was fab to see Kristen again.

I learned how to drive the forklift/picker at work today! The one where you actually go up and down WITH it, to pull boxes of books off of high shelves in the warehouse. Kinda thrilling, actually. We just won't tell my mom. She doesn't like the thought of me using the regular forklift you walk behind to get things down, when i worked at the grocery store. hehe all in all a good day and i'm feeling pretty good =D

and now i need some sleep...when us super-pale gals don't get much sleep, it really shows around the eyes....

working on it!

hi! I promise I have been knitting things. I am just way lazy. Plus i am rarely home when the sun is out to take any decent pictures. I have finished the knitting portion of Hush Hush and I have ribbon and strap findings on hand. Now to attach it all and weave ends. I have an entire skein of Gloss left to play with at will. I also finished the knitting portion of my garter; now to sew up and add ribbon and elastic. Which I may wait til closer to do ( so the fit is perfect)

Now to knit flowers! And tomorrow Tucker and I drive into the city to meet AmyKnitty! Yay!!!

I also got a FAB package from Fee!!! Fabulously soft wool in gorgeous varigates, PG Tips LOOSE tea (mmmm! my favorite!) And HobNob Creams! ohhhhh they are goooooooooooood

pics soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shopping Spree!

sooo, yay for tax returns! heh. I have decided to spend it on some clothes that I do actually need (like a new pair of denim capris or else I would have nothing to wear this summer) and some things I want (like a dress) and a few other wedding things. The rest will go to one of my loans.

my mom had a 30% off thing with her charge at Kohls and they had a major sale (like they do every week, haha)

so i got these:

Matching purses, but in two sizes, and for only a 30-cent difference. Strappy but comfy brown sandals! The bonus is, I already own one brown dress. And I have Matt's graduation to attend, and will hopefully go to Stinny's July wedding wearing that old dress I have. And then for Vegas fancy dinner and my rehearsal dinner I got this at Penney's:

Very happy with this! I am all set with fancy things. Now just to find wedding shoes.....

I also got the gifts for my bridal attendants. Yay!!

Whilst in chat, we were discussing shoes and such. So here are all of mine, except for the pair of sturdy black pumps, and yet another pair of brown lace up regular shoes (and my ratty old work shoes)

Not too many at all! Pleased with myself and they way they have pared down over the years and how little I have bought in the past few years.

and these beauties are going on eBay. yes. 4-inch glitter platforms. woo hoo for high school!

So that's it for now.... Hush Hush is nearing the completion of the knitting portion. Progress pics soon.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Here I was, swearing to update this more. But I haven't

Meanwhile, I finally got a new job!!!

It's at a Christian book publisher, in the warehouse. You take the order that prints up, you find all the books from the boxes, put them in trays and double check, then send them on down the line to the people that pack and ship. How cool is that? And the pay is pretty much equal to what I make now. Insurance kicks in when they want (usually 90 days but he says they can always shorten it if you do amazing work ;) ). So I think I may still stay part-time at the grocery store for the minimum required hours to keep my insurance until I get it at the new job. I really want to quit there, but I don't feel safe without health insurance. Then again, if they kick it in say 30 days, I could deal. But I don't know the time period. And hey, my work may not WANT to keep me at part time. If they can't have me full time, they may just tell me to get out. Which is fine. I don't wanna be there.

Lion Brand actually had something that caught my eye (in a good way) in a recent newsletter. Michael's is always hiring people to teach classes. Well hey, if I could use a bit of extra cash, and this job really does get out early in the day, then I *could* teach some knitting or even crochet on the side. How's that for really enjoying your job? YES. I get to work with books every day and then I will eventually get to work with yarn? Life is good.

I also bought myself my very own first car, but have neglected to take a picture. Soon, because I need to take pictures of things to sell on eBay as well. Promises, promises. A brand new '06 Kia Spectra, beige, fully loaded. It's pretty nice. I'm happy.

Now to go e-mail the family and tell them the joyous news!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

oh, the weather outside is frightful

going to and from work (2 miles) wasn't bad at all. maybe 10 minutes there (instead of 5) and 20 home (instead of 10). but the roads SUCK. and so I called, and the really nice woman said she'd rather I was safe, so we could do it Thursday. She was really really nice. So I hope this next one goes well. I hope Tucker's advice is right on, that they just really want to get to know you better. In teh first interview with her, I mentioned I have great attention to detail, which is so important in knitting. Turns out she used to. She occasionaly crochets now, but not much. So there was that connection.

anyway, there were definitely drifts up to my knees when I had to wipe off the car window to leave work. sheesh. the back of our house faces East. The wind is pretty strong coming from the West, mainly, and so our entire patio on the back of the house is completely devoid of snow. It's kinda fun. Meanwhile, the front door is covered in snow, and the stairs leading up to the house barely look like steps at all. Crazy crazy!

Yay that Bezzie saw this! I was so excited to see her comment. I knew she would be excited for me, but thought she'd be too busy moving. weeeee

later gators

Monday, February 12, 2007

oh. OH!

it goes like this.

Here I am, working in the back room. Boss is somewhere in the back room as well, but at the other end of the store. I've taken to keeping my cell phone in my pocket, on vibrate. Granted, it doesn't get a signal in most parts of the store, especially for incoming calls, but it does notify my of voicemail. But it was actually RINGING today, so I looked at it, saw the number and ran off to a corner of the back room to answer.

Tyndale wants me to come back for a "second" interview, with the woman that would be my boss. Very excited. Yes, slightly nervous. What does a second one entail? I do not know. I need to review the job description and maybe come up with some questions for her. She seems to like questions.


and yet it is supposed to be blizzardy out tomorrow. grrrrr. we shall see. Hopefully it's not too bad to get there or for them to leave early or somethin.

think good thoughts!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


i tried to play with new blogger templates. but then i do lose my left sidebar, no matter how hard i try. one template has a left sidebar instead of a right one, but I wasn't able to even take elements from each and combine because they were just toooo different in the coding that I couldn't do it. i would like a new look, but it took Trevor ages to figure it out last time. And I think they do a better job of hiding things in the code with new blogger. argh. i just wanna leave blogger. but i won't pay for anything. i do like in the new templates how they have the archive in a "drop down" format. showed that i blogged 40 some odd times last year. not even once a week! but over twice a week in '05. maybe i will blog more this year. who knows. i will certainly knit a lot. i think. ugh.

it is TOO COLD. even for me. temp is -3 at the moment. wind to 20 below. mmm. supposed to be like that 'til Tuesday.

I promise pics soon. really. Hush Hush is six inches from end of stockinette. keep goin!

that's about it for now...stuck with this template for now. i don't really want to give up my two sidebars. too much info. i do like a link roll section i can add with new blogger. it would automatically update the blogs i read in alpha order. then again, i could learn to blog roll from bloglines. but i wont.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh, my.

i was at last able to upgrade to new-blogger. i dunno if i wanted to or not, but it seemed like a good idea before they decided to do it FOR me, which you know they will do soon enough. Maybe i will play with the new layout/templates, maybe not. maybe blogger will be less of a pain. maybe, maybe not.

wedding knitting is going well. but there are so many other things i want to knit for me, all from stash yarn. then again, i did want to be a part of the craft fair coming up in november, which would use a lot of stash yarn i don't really want anyway. hmmm, dilemmas. do i actually have time amongst wedding planning, moving, honeymoon, new life, etc, to get enough stuff to fill an entire table at a craft fair? maybe. because i could make some money which'd be nice.

hmmmm. in case you don't read my xanga or post to knittyboard, i have two job interviews thursday. one at the city electric department, the other at a book publisher that i'd LOVE to work at. so good thoughts on those. wil keep you updated.

Friday, January 19, 2007

awww, baby!

Hey y'all, spent some time with some wonderful children yesterday. Her mom took a nice digital photo which i will get sometime. meanwhile, here's a quick one I took with my phone so you could see the sweater i made her, actually on her. almost four months old now, awwww

Monday, January 15, 2007

lazy, yet not.

so we had dinner for Matt's birthday at my house last Thursday, and these pics have languished on my card since then. Alas, today is his birthday, which means i am not late at all! We are now the same age for three weeks, heh. Then I'm his old woman again! But anyway, two pics for your viewing enjoyment:

This one, where his expression is classicly fun, but i ruined it by somehow having my eyes closed at the exact wrong second.

and this one, where you can see the hat and us all happy, but it's rather boring, ay?

Someday soon i will take a pic of Hush Hush progress. 16 inches down, 7 more with 7 decrease rows left before the F'n'F top. yay!!! Then more flowers. argh, weddings.

also debating the switch to "new blogger" before they do it for me. hmmm.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

and we have a winner!

yay for the first FO of the year! and it's only the 4th day :)

Finished a Coronet for Matt's birthday out of Wool-Ease to match the lengthwise scarf I made him last year.

knit the cabled band yesterday, then today i grafted, picked up, and knit the rest.

it fits nice! so it should fit him. i have a HUGE head. he tried on my yellow one. now we match! hehe

and a quick pic of the finished sweater:

(oh yes. most of you will recognize Matt on the right. he looks like his mom! his bro is the other good-looking guy, and that's their step-dad)
Now to work on Hush Hush!!