Monday, September 28, 2009

Meijer and Savings Updates

Meijer Goodies

Whew. I set foot in Meijer and had a GOOD experience. That is so outside of ordinary! I had a self-check lady who said yeah, the coupons had been giving her trouble today, and she feels bad for us customers who have to have patience while she keys them all in. So of course I jump in with the "and the ones that yell at you when it isn't your fault." Her response? "I'm not inside the computer!" haha

Canned Veggies: $.99 each, $1/3 Meijer Meal Box (MBQ) x2, $1/5 IP = $.49 each
Starkist Tuna: $1.29 each, $.50/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 IP = $.29 each
Healthy Choice: $2.50 each, $2 IP x2 = $.50 each
OM Deli Creations: $2 each, $1/1 MBQ x2, $1/2 manq = $.50 each
Over all, a GREAT trip, and makes me more apt to try Meijer in the future.

Today I received my $4/1 Star product coupons (5 total, yay!), a $25 GC for Ace from my Discover Rewards. Coincidentally, I also got a $10/$30 Ace coupon from VISA, meaning if I spent just a bit over $35 I can combine the two (must use VISA card to use coupon).

Wal-Mart has my Over-the-Moon milk on price rollback for $2, thanks to the blogs I read since the shelf wasn't marked. Used the $1 PDF coupon to get 2/$2. This is the best chocolate milk and the 1% milk tastes great as well. Easy to stock up on because they are dated 10/31. I need to make room in the fridge to buy a few more before the price goes back up. Also bought the Sara Lee Lunchmeat and the YoBaby 3-in-one meal. Great deals to be had!!

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