Sunday, August 30, 2009

And now, for something completely different


Friday I hit up Target for the same things I've been buying all week - had the same cashier as I did Monday, and she said she'd "see me again next Monday!" LOVE her!! Too bad they don't have the Chef Michael's dog food....doubt I'll be going there this week.

However, did hit it up today with mom and bro:

NEW Target

First up, Super Wal-Mart.
Marie Callendar's: $2.50, used $1.50 IP.
FREE after coupon Chicken Teryaki thingies.
Applesauce, makeup brushes and a cute ceramic pumpkin for $5.
Altogether $14!

Super Target was GREAT to me today. Not only did we have an amazingly friendly cashier at Wal-Mart, the one at Target was SO impressed with our (all three of us had a transaction) purchases!

Chef Michael's Dry dog food: sale for $4.26, $3 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.24
Chef Michael's wet food: sale for $.84. BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 2 FREE
Cesar wet food: $>99, BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 8 FREE
Buddies bar: $.97, FREE after Target q
Tide Stain Release: $3.79, $1.50 manq $1.50 Target q = $.79
I totally WON with the Schick razor!! They are on sale for $6.99, plus there was a $4 manq expiring today, AND a $4 Target q in today's paper! But this means they either wouldn't accept the coupon, or they won't know how to adjust it down. I was going to get the razor, but then on a clearance end cap, we spotted a GIFT PACK!! It was marked $8.48 and it includes the razor, refills, stainless steel water bottle, and a Target bag that folds up into a pouch like thing and velcroes shut! So I got it for $.48!!!

I paid $.25 for all that stuff at Target!!! The animal shelter will be so happy! Hopefully I can get a bit more this week.

My free Schwan's delivery is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Time will tell!!

Walked to my Dominick's when I got home, they don't have the Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, bummer. Will go tomorrow to another location. Also, Wal-Mart had great fitting jeans for $18, just not in the length I wanted, so I shall go back.

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MJ said...

Geesh.. I try and try, but I can never do stuff you do! LOL

You know how much I spent at grocery store today? My sub tot was like $46, and paid $35 after the coupons. I call that a success for me. Hahah.