Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...

...Remember that jingle? haha

MORE chicken!

As you can see, these are SMALL packs of chicken!! It averaged out to $1.11 per pound!! I highly recommend you try and score some of these tomorrow (last day!) I hit up two stores on my lunch break, and they didn't have any. One store on the way home had 1+lb packs, so I didn't get them. But my closest store had a good amount to choose from! I also got a 3-pack of Glade refills on clearance for $.50 and a can of beans. All that for $4.52 total :)

[My two days averaged out is 4.58 pounds of chicken and 1 pound of beef for $7.03 total, or $1.26 per pound!]

I also saw the Fruit 2o 20 oz bottles were $.89, so try and use those $1 coupons if you have any left!

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Tina said...

Hi Helen, this is Rita (we met over at Rachel's Blog =-) Thanks for showing a picture of the smaller packages of Chicken, I was a little nervous to buy because I was not sure which packages counted toward the Fav4 - took advantage of the Pub Burgers yesterday!