Wednesday, August 22, 2007


*whimper* help me! Who uses flickr to add photos to their blog? I have the free version. lots of pics to share, but no idea how to do it simply. i know how to do it the looooooooong roundabout way, which i refuse to do. i do not have time. help me....bloglines is being a butt, meaning i cannot even look at fellow bloggers i know use flickr (like Laura and Cristi, but i bet they pay for flickr)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Wedding Flowers!!

Yes, today I cast off one last white flower. And then, I discovered it was one extra. sheesh. even though I counted them over and over a million times and one. but they are DONE. This photo represents the last year of knitting, plus I made a Hush Hush and a garter and a contracted shawl, etc. But focused on these flowers.

I knit them all, except that my super amazing friends helped me! Laura knit two for my bouquet, and three more were sent to me by Ana and Ceci. These ladies rock my world so much!

Upper left: Dark pink for mom corsages and white for dad bouttenaires.
Upper right: light pink for Matt and white for his two guys
Lower left: Three white for each of my gals
lower right: 7 light pink for me!
flower girl, ring bearer, ushers (who are just ushering, not standing up) and pastor get fake flowers I will arrange nicely. yay for calla lillies and the pattern is of course from last summer's Knitty. just in time to get me all whipped up into saying i NEED these for my wedding! And even though the wedding is just 30 days away, I do not regret saying I would do this for me. Time is not running out yet. Must go get assembling!

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