Monday, June 29, 2009

Month-end Review

Yes, our four-week June experiment has come to an end. And we ended on a high note!! $7.01 left of our budgeted $250. Not too shabby, considering all of the items we got for stocing up and donating! Plus plenty of treats like some beer and other goodies from Trader Joe's.

Started out this month by going to our farmer's market here for the first time ever in two whole years of living here ;) It's only Sunday mornings, which isn't too convenient for us. Spent $10 on fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Roasting them up to go with some chicken for dinner tonight! Today I hit up Target for my script with GC q and got some deals.

Palmolive Eco + Dishwasher detergent: $2.74 x2, used two $.50 Target q and a free Target reusable bag q from Sunday's paper.
PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams...oh YUM!!! Worth $5. I promptly sliced up an apple and dished up a serving of this goodness. I even licked the plate when I was done!
Hair color $6.94
Ham. buns $2.49 (Arnold Sandwich Thins, which I have wanted to try. Who can beat 100 cal and 5g fiber? Made with 100% Whole Wheat four, too)
$10.21 after GC, so good deals.

I also got my $15 Miller rebate in the mail. yay! boosts this weeks budget. teehee

So yes, we are continuing this budget. Not sure about entering the AllYOU grocery contest. hmmm it makes you include dining out, but excludes household items, so I guess the dish detergent wouldn't count. But what about health & beauty? We are going on a mission trip during the contest time period, and so I'm not sure how much food for ourselves we have to provide, which could push us out of the budget. Will have to think about this one!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, yes I AM crazy.

But seriously. This Jewel catalina is great. Many people think it ended yesterday with the end of the ad week, but us die-hards know better. I hit up three Jewels, all of which had decent stock, and got to visit with some former coworkers of mine. I also hit up two Dominick's and Super Target. I even got a free iced coffee at Starbucks with a postcard I had! Three hours of driving/shopping later, I had:


Yeah. That's INSANE.

Jewel #1:
Pudding x5
Ketchup x4
Alexia x1 ($1 manq)
=$20.29 towards deal, $9.99 after sale + q, $.18 cash

Jewel #2:
Popcorn x2 ($1 manq x2)
Tom. Sauce x9
Mustard x2
Ketchup x3
=$20.55 towards deal, $11.50 after sale + q, $1.74 cash

Jewel #3 and #4:
Oil x2
Ketchup x3
Diced Tomato x2
=$20.45 towards deal, $10 after sale, $.26 and $.18 cash

These two had different totals because she started to put in the q as grocery, but I said the $10 does scan when they are in full assist mode (we used to work together, so she believed me. Plus we did trans #2 and the cat came out, so it all worked out for me in the end) and she learned something new ;)

Propel and Fuze were part of a $.99 sale, but $.80 each when you buy 10 or more in a single transaction. I had $.50/1 Propel coupons (x19) and BOGO Fuze coupons (x19) that I have found at gas stations and Walgreens/CVS. Turns out, the 1st BOGO you scan asks the cashier for a price, and they put $.99, but then all other q's scan at $1.59, which is regular price before any sales. This made most of my Fuze $.005 each!! $1.60-$1.59 q? WOW! Had a nice chat with self-check lady when I came back with my second transaction, and she put in my first q for me, at $.99, as she had on the last transaction, and then I just scanned 12 more at $1.59. CRAZINESS!!!
Total: $10.18 for 57 bottles! Hubby is SO happy with this stuff!!

Super Target:
Normlly, my luck would run out here. Thankfully the cashier simply scanned all of my coupons in order, reading the Edy's as it was the only one that said 'item not found' but she was definitely not pleased as she didn't tell me to have a nice day and wasn't thrilled with my final total :)

Dawn: $2.29, $.50 Target q, $1.50 manq = $.29
Pace: $2.09, $.50 Target q, $1 manq = $.59
Eggo: $1.50, $1 manq = $.50
Edy's: $1.19, $1 Target q = $.19 (I deserved a treat after shopping, although hubby was sad I ate it all LOL)
Pictureka card game: $6.64 sale, $5 manq!
=$3.91 cash

Whew! Today I purchased a total of 103 items for $16.45 cash, or $.16 each!

Jewel Catalia deal total: $12.59 cash for 85 items is $.15 each

I plan one more Jewel deal, as my mom has 4-5 Alexia qs she's giving me tomorrow. Hubs is taking 3 bags of groceries (some from the last cat) to the local mega-church's food pantry, some for our moms and some for my bro in grad school, and some for a coworker. I love sharing!! We certainly can't eat it all, but I'm glad I got things we actually needed like kethcup and canola oil.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Catalina Rolllllllllling!


This was one of those days where I actually love Jewel. I stopped on my way to work, as I knew they stocked overnight and if I wanted any chance of getting some canola oil (which I need!) I had to go then, at 7am. They had it! But I was too chicken to try what I had heard, that they were honoring the ad misprint of "Spend $20, get $10 OYNO" rather than spend $25. Had to be corporate because that's automated in the system, and not like each store could honor a misprint price of a single item.

5 oil = $27.50 shelf, but scan $12.50. Paid with $10 cat, $2.78 cash and earned new $10. So yes, I could have saved $2.50 + tax, but heck, this is what I would pay for one bottle, so I was still happy.

Then after work I decided to hit another Jewel since I still wanted ketchup and my store had been out. Still no ketchup, no mustard either. Oh well (and oil out, I checked just because)

Alexia snacks: $2.99 towards deal, but $1.99 sale, $1 manq on each. Bought 5
Hunts Pudding: $1.90 towards deal, $1 sale, $1/3 manq
=$20.65 towards deal, BUT only $12.95 OOP! Minus $6 in q, means under the $10 cat. So I picked up milk for $2.28, knew I was $.78 short of $10, so I grabbed a pound of bananas. Perfect.
$.51, rolled cat to a new one! So the deal definitely works on spend $20, but it ends tomorrow, and I seriously need nothing but ketchup. Then again, I have one more Alexia coupon...Plus, I'm sending in my receipt for a coupon for a free bag, which is great too!

Now I'm up to $10.23 OOP on the Jewel Cats, for 44 items, which is $.23 each. woo hoo!!

This week remaining: $26.58

I leave you with a random cat pic that I found hubby had taken and uploaded:


Thursday, June 18, 2009

CVS and Target


CVS had yet another one of their glitches that was AMAZING and I actually got in on it! Sunglasses are currently buy 2 pair, get $10 ECB. Well, some folks figured out that the "wet naps" for your lenses are $.99 each, but buy 2 get the $10 ECB! And I found them at the first store I went to :)

CVS Ped Egg: $7.99, $2 coupon from e-mail = $5.99 (always wanted to try this!)
Excedrin: $4.49, $1 CRT, $1 peelie = $2.49, earn $2 ECB
Diet Pepsi: $1.49 each, $.50 CVS tearpad qx2 = $.99 each, earned $1 ECB on 2
Dark Reese's : $.67 couldn't leave it on the shelf! I love anything Reese's and dark is my fave, so YAY!
Crest: $2.99, $1 q = $1.99, earn $2 ECB

Used $9 ECB, spent $2.43 on GC and earned $15 ECB! hehe


Normally I'd show you a pic like this and say I spent like $3. Not this time! There were some good deals and not all involved q's and the like, but groceries we needed and some treats for staying on budget so far this month ;)

Dawn: $2.09, $1.50 manq = $.59 (has less plastic and such, but not sure if it's environmentally friendly like the Palmolive, but no dyes or phosphates)
Annie's Organic mac n cheese: $1.82 each, $1/2 IP that will exp soon = $2.64/2 (hubby will be pleased with this!)
Old Spice: $3.64, $2/1 q from P&G year of savings book = $1.64 (not on sale, but only kind he'll use and q exp soon)
Morningstar: $3.09x2, $2/2 Target q, $1 IP x2 = $2.18/2 YUM!
Kraft Cheese and Deli Meats: $2.79x3, but buy 2 get 1 free. no q, but it's basically $5/lb which is good.
Pace Salsa: $2.09, $.50 Target q, $1 manq = $.59

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Catalinas :)


Whew. I love when hubby gets in on the deals!! He gets excited too.

So first I had to rearrange our tiny TINY apartment freezer to see if I could even do the deal!!

Trans #1:
Marie Callendar's Pasta al Dente $2.50 each, $1 manq each ($4 each towards deal)
Healthy Choice Naturals: $2.50 scan and towards deal, $1 q each
This brought me to exactly $25, yay! (They were of course out of Wesson. I must have other dealseekers at my store! Because that is $2.50 OOP, but $5.50 towards the deal!! Great even without coupons, and I did need canola oil)
Water bottle: $2.67 (he returned one to WalMart today for $2.62)
Used $10 and $.50 catalinas from previous deals, total OOP $3.33

Hubby saw the new flavors of Chex Mix, but I said WAIT coupons at home, plus it's the other Catalina deal. So we walked back home for more coupons and my other UPC list haha

Trans #2:
Chex: $1.67 x2 ($2.57x2 towards deal) -$.50/2 q (what a bad coupon!)
Ragu: $1.50 x2 ($1.99x2 deal) -$1/2 q
ICBINB sticks: $1.99x2 ($3.29x2 deal) -$.75 x2 q
Fiber One bars: $3x3 ($3.85x3 deal) -$1.35 x3 q
Used $10 cat
Total OOP: $2.70

We almost did another deal of 5 Fiber One + 4 Ragu, but decided even to donate, we don't need all that stuff. Not worth it.

So for three Jewel transactions so far, we've had OOP:
($2.62 Wal-Mart)
=$16.94 but we still have $10 so that's $6.94 for 29 items, so $.24 each! Love it. GREAT deals, even though we aren't too keen on giving Jewel our money.

Still at $26.62 left for the week. Great produce deals at a local store this week, so more berries on Friday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Halfway There

Welp, two weeks down, and doing okay!

Target and CVS
June Week 2
Jewel Catalina

Some highlights:
Target: Special K $2.39 each, buy 3 cereal, get a cracker free. Used $1x4q = $3.30 for all 4!
CVS: Banana Boat Suncreen: $9.49 and $9.99, buy 2 get $7 ECB, used $2x2q
Always: 2/$6, used $2 CRTand $1x2 manq, earn $2ECB = free
Trader Joe's: Needed more PB, and I heard about the new PB&A mx (peanut, berry, almond)
Milk for $1 each. Hot dogs were $4.99 BOGO, had FREE coupon up to $4.50, so $.49/2! YUM
Aldi: reddi-whip and angel food cake to go with strawberries for our guests' dessert

Jewel Catalina Deal!
Ragu: $1.99 ring price, x10, sale price $1.50, used $1/2 q x5
Skippy: $3.25 ring, x2, sale $2, used $.40 q x2
Got me over the $5 threshold, but spent $11.53 OOP and earned $10 catalina! woo hoo
Think I'm done with this one though, and debating the Conagra one that started today...we'll see!

Ended week 2 with $.55 left. whew. Food for entertaining and Jewel catalina (stock-up) went to the extra budget, leaving us with only $1.05. whew again!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June Week 2 Continued

June Week 2

Yay produce! You can see I used my reusable produce bags! The shop is closed for a bit while she moves (read her blog here, but I highly recommend you order these bags!!

Joe Caputo:
Pineapple: $1.19 each
Cheese: $.99
Strawberries: $.89 each
Broccoli: $.47
Onions: $.21
Mushrooms: $2.15
Garlic: $.09 (but it was sprouting. grrr.)
Parsley: $.14 (first rang as red cabbage for $.12. Void. Rang as Rome Apple for $.14. Whatev!)
Total: $8.39

Bread: $1.50 (price relief)
Milk: $2.50, $1 man q, $.50 cat = $1 earn $.50 cat
So $2/gal, cheaper than Jewel brand for $2.28 this week. If only the dates were better!
Total: $2.59

Wal-Mart: Hubby went for Crystal Light packets. Without asking for a coupon, silly goose! $2. Will send him back with coupons for tomorrow (they expire tomorrow! whew)

Week 2 remain: $26.61
Extra remain: $19.46

Monday, June 08, 2009

June Week 2

And so it begins...

Sam's: Blackberries $4.54
Joe Caputo: Strawberries marked down to $.89 for some reason. Still good!
Raspberries: $1.98 each x2
Total: $10.41

Week 2 remain: $39.59
Extra remain: $19.46

Tomorrow a run to Jewel for milk and bread, and Matt will pick up some lunchmeat at Butera. Crossing my fingers for that Trader Joe's trip later this week!!

Today's mail also brought another free Mars candy bar coupon!

June Week 1 Final

Well, we determined that $50 is quite difficult when you want to buy enough produce to really feel healthy. Matt didn't eat many fruits and vegetables growing up, but now loves a great variety of them. Currently we are obsessed with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Final trips:
Dollar Tree for 4 newspapers, 2 of which we traded for paper towel rolls from my mom.
Aldi: Yogurt and ice cream cones $4.23
Valli: Strawberries for $1.50.

Our totals:
Week 1 remainder: $2.97
Extra remain: $19.46

Not bad that we had some left over, but it is really making me plan my trips wisely this week. I want to go to Target for sure, and am hoping for some wiggle room for some goodies from Trader Joe's. We'll see!

Friday, June 05, 2009

June Week 1 Continued

July Week 1

Wal-Mart: 1 shaker bottle for protein shakes (not pictured) = $2.62

Glade Candles (to be used as gifts): $1.67 each, had $1.50 coupon in them = $.17 each!
Kashi Waffles: $2.54, $1.50 manq = $1.04
Degree Deodorant: $2.34, $1.50 Target q, $1 manq = -$.16 each!!
Morningstar: $3 each, $2/2 Target q, $1 manq x2 = $1 each
Total: $4.53

Cream Cheese: $.99 raincheck, $1/2 q x2 = 4/$1.96
Over the Moon Milk:" $2.50, $1.50 manq = $1.00
Used two $.50 cats from previous milk purchase
Total: $2.11, Earned $.50 cat on milk

Spent today: $9.26 Week 1
Week 1 Remain: $13.28
Extra Remain: $19.46

CVS: (not grocery bill because I have not paid ANY cah since I started in April 2008, but can help me get groceries!)
Softsoap $7.99 for pump, $3.99 for refill, $2.50 manq x2, earn $4 ECB
Spent $4 ECB and $3.62 on GC. We have a lot of refills, and just used up or large bottle of Target soap (took two years in the bathroom!) This way I can use the refills in kitchen and bath, and buy a new large bottle to refill my 'real' holders once these refills run out.

Jewel is a pain. She had to study my RC to see if I was under the 30 day mark, study my coupons because they were $1 and the item was $.99, I had to point out it was off 2, and so on and so forth. That's why I *always* use self check, but didn't want to with my RC. Ugh!

So, with 3 days to go in week 1, we have $13 left. Saturday is newspaper day, which is at least $2. Need to make sure we always save that much.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yay for Mail!

I love mail =)

More Mail!

Easy Bakeware: I ordere in April and was still waiting for it to come. I e-mailed them and they replied with "sorry for the delay, it is shipping this week" and it shipped the next day. You KNOW I wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't asked about it! Silicone mini-muffin pan, and grater with four plates. $1 each!

Got my coupons for free Mars candy bar and free Oscar Meyer dogs. Also another $3 from Pinecone surveys and the Tupperware I bought on eBay (more on that later)

Yup, fun day indeed! Also the Harry Potter udio book for MIL's bday. All three packages were hand delvered to my desk at work :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June Grocery Game

So we really need to reign in our grocery spending. We currently budget $250 per month, and that seems like a lot for two people, but we're in the land of no doubles, and a higher cost of living, etc. But really, we shouldn't be going over that. So I'm going with $50/week plus $50 for the extras that come up such as Brita filters and things of that nature.

We're going to keep a running total where we can see it so we can not go over and really decide if we need to buy certain things.

Here's today's spending (haha! It's a big amount...but we'll deal!)

July Week 1

Sam's Club
Matt works late Mondays, so he runs some errands and does sweet things like empty the dishwasher :)
Blackberries: $4.54
Whey Protein Powder: $30.54 (extra)

Joe Caputo
Raspberries: $3.83
Strawberries: $1.28
Mushrooms: $3.18
Eggplant: $.78
Zucchini: $1.38

Eggs: $2.36
Hunt's Ketchup: $1.19, free q = $.03
Purina Kitten Food: $1.89, free qx3 = $.47
Marcal TP: $.69, free qx8 = $.46
Hamburger Buns: $1.70
M&Ms: $.79, BOGO qx3 = $2.46
Save $.05 for each bag you bring in to use
$.50 cat x2 from the milk

Milk: $1.72
Brie: $4.60
Paid with a GC, the Brie is for a rebate $4.49 back, which will be added to grocery budget when arrives)

Spent today: $27.46 Week 1, $30.54 Extra
Week 1 Remain: $22.54
Extra Remain: $19.46

I only bought the M&Ms because you never know how free qs work at Ultra. The TP is reg. $.85 and qs have taken off $.85 or $1 and you have no idea what. This week they were on sale for $.69 and that's what it took off. Otherwise I would have had overage. Oh well! And yes, there is just the two of us and we have purchased 2 gallons of milk and 8 doz. eggs in 4 days.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Last Week's Deals

Ultra 4/29
CVS 4/28

Over the Moon milk: $2.79 each, used 2 - $1.50 qs and earned 2 - $.50 cats
Kraft Dressing: $2.29, $1.50 man q
Kraft BBQ: $1.19, $1 man q
Purina Kitten Food: $1.89, FREE q
Quaker Delight Bars: $2, $1 man q
Fisher PB: $1.29, $1 man q
Lentils: $1.09
Mushrooms: 3/$5
Eggs $.58 each!! (mom bought me 2 as that was the limit. and this was Friday, and we only have 2 doz left!)

Total before q: $31.59
After q: $15.10


CVS I used up some RC's to use a $10 expiring ECB
Bandaids $2.99, $1 CRT, $1 manq, earn $2 ECB
Foil: $1.25 clearance, $1 q
Edge Shave Gel: $2.89, $.75 manq earn $3 DCB (rounded up)
Herbal Essence: $1.88 each, $3/2 q, earned $3 ECB total