Sunday, August 30, 2009

And now, for something completely different


Friday I hit up Target for the same things I've been buying all week - had the same cashier as I did Monday, and she said she'd "see me again next Monday!" LOVE her!! Too bad they don't have the Chef Michael's dog food....doubt I'll be going there this week.

However, did hit it up today with mom and bro:

NEW Target

First up, Super Wal-Mart.
Marie Callendar's: $2.50, used $1.50 IP.
FREE after coupon Chicken Teryaki thingies.
Applesauce, makeup brushes and a cute ceramic pumpkin for $5.
Altogether $14!

Super Target was GREAT to me today. Not only did we have an amazingly friendly cashier at Wal-Mart, the one at Target was SO impressed with our (all three of us had a transaction) purchases!

Chef Michael's Dry dog food: sale for $4.26, $3 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.24
Chef Michael's wet food: sale for $.84. BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 2 FREE
Cesar wet food: $>99, BOGO manq and BOGO Target q = 8 FREE
Buddies bar: $.97, FREE after Target q
Tide Stain Release: $3.79, $1.50 manq $1.50 Target q = $.79
I totally WON with the Schick razor!! They are on sale for $6.99, plus there was a $4 manq expiring today, AND a $4 Target q in today's paper! But this means they either wouldn't accept the coupon, or they won't know how to adjust it down. I was going to get the razor, but then on a clearance end cap, we spotted a GIFT PACK!! It was marked $8.48 and it includes the razor, refills, stainless steel water bottle, and a Target bag that folds up into a pouch like thing and velcroes shut! So I got it for $.48!!!

I paid $.25 for all that stuff at Target!!! The animal shelter will be so happy! Hopefully I can get a bit more this week.

My free Schwan's delivery is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Time will tell!!

Walked to my Dominick's when I got home, they don't have the Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, bummer. Will go tomorrow to another location. Also, Wal-Mart had great fitting jeans for $18, just not in the length I wanted, so I shall go back.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why yes, Thursday *is* shopping day!

Whew. On Thursdays I travel about 20 miles down Ogden avenue, which means I can hit up many, many stores, and often multiple locations of the same store ;)

First up: Dominick's. They are having one of their "Buy 5, save $5" deals. I scored! Wished I had my free sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine with the FREE coupon, but it hasn't arrived yet...

Dom's Cereal Deal

(Prices are AFTER $1 savings per box)
Cheerios: $1.50 x2, $1 IP x2
Kashi Autumn Wheat: $2 x2, $1.50/2 IP
Kashi Puffs: $2, FREE product coupon from a complaint
Kashi U: $2, $1/1 from Whole Foods booklet, $1.50/1 IP
NV Nut Clusters: $2 x3, $1 IP x3 Also: Cellfire AND ShortCuts each took off $1 Nut Clusters and $.40 NV granola bars. Go figure... but $.20/3!
The cashier fed me a line about if an Internet q doesn't scan, they won't accept it. I told him to be sure he covers up the goofy barcode then. Somehow he scanned a $1 a 2nd time, so TOTAL: $3.53 w/tax (so $.36 each!!!) That's better than my target price of $.50/box, and for healthy cereal for once!

Cheap Chicken!

I stopped at Jewel to try out the hidden deal of Fave 4 meats that I read about on Rachel's blog. I have read this before, but not tried it. Worked like a charm! About $1.58/pound, sweet! Great deal for "fancy" cuts like thin cutlets and tenders. We'll have fun breading these up and adding to pasta or dipping in sauce.

I then hit up Target, with unpleasant employees!


Buddies Bar: $.97, Target q adjusted down automatically: FREE
Gerber Bottle: $.99, FREE after Target q
Cinnabon bars: $2, $.50 Target q, $1 IP = $.50
Archer Farm Bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
GM Cereal Cup: $1, FREE after Target q
Yoplait: $2.25 x2, $1 IP x2 = $1.25 each
Chef Michael Dog Food: $.89 each, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = 2 FREE! Both coupons took off the amount automatically!
The cashier told me she was not allowed to take the GM cereal coupon on the cup, I politely said there was no size restriction on it, so yes, they do take it. Called some CS person over, and she said "I need ALL of the coupons" and she printed a copy of my receipt at another register so she could review things. That's like saying to my face "you are abusing the system!" I'm not the one that makes the coupons!! sheesh

Finally, the drug stores:

Drug Store Steals

CVS: 12 of the protein bars that are B2G1 (so 4 free), an used 6 BOGO q (pay for 2 total). PLUS I used the "$4/$20 Diet or Nutrition Items" q from the ReadyFill booklet.
Gade Sense & Spray: 2/$10, used $4 manq x2, to pay $2 and receie $3 ECB
FREE nut coupon from my e-mail
Used a $2.99 ECB. But although the protein bar q's are up to $1.59 and they cost $1.79, he took off full price, so I could only use 5 BOGO q's. $.45 for all that!"
Walgreens had vitamins on sale for $6.99/100 ct. Used $2 manq and $2 Wags q from the Back to School August booklet. $2.99 each is quite decent.
Rimmel eyebrow pencil: $2.09 on sale, used $1 manq.

(yesterday at CVS I got my mom the new Zyrtec eye drops. $12.99 sale, $4 manq, $5 CRT and $2/$10 allergy purchase from ReadyFill book!)

WHEW. That shopping always tires me out, but it is totally worth it. 4 boxes of cereal for a coworker, 2 for my brother at grad school, the bottles and buddies bars to add to a gift basket for our youth pastor and his wife, dog food to donate, etc. Shopping is such a thrill!! I still can't believe anyone pays full price for anything.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Target strikes again!

Yeah, Target today. The cashier gave me my total, and I handed over my coupons and she says "My favorite part!" DEFINITELY looking for her next time!!

Super Target 8/24

Buddies Soap: $1.02, $1 Target q = $.02
Gerber Bottle: $.99, $1 Target q = -$.01
Cinnabon bars: $2, $1 IP and $.50 Target q = $.50
GM Cereal Cup: $1, $1 Target q = FREE
Bananas: $.50 Target q = $.17
Egg Beaters: $2, $1 IP = FREE
Yoplait: $2.25 each, $1.25 IP x2 = $1 each
Dove Deodorant: $3.29, $1 Target q, $2 manq = $.29
Yay! $3.97 + tax = $4.27 total!

Jewel 8/22

My Jewel had Dannon 3/$1, and avenu was $.50/3 Light n Fit!
12 LnF: $4, $.60/6 manq x2, $2 off with avenu = $.10 each!
4 reg. Dannon: $1.34, $1/4 catalina = $.08 each!
Jewel Parmesan: $2.50
Honey Bunches of Oats: $2.50, $2 IP = $.50
Sara Lee Bread: $2.49. Found coupon on display to get pack of mini bagels free with bread purchase!
Used $5 catalina from Kraft deal.
With tax, $2 for ALL of that. PLUS the two update your PC booklets. woo hoo! More FREE milk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay coupons!

CVS, Dominick's, Super Target

Smithfield Bacon: 2/$6, $3 IP x2 = FREE!
Easy Mac Velveeta: $1.25 each. Earned $1 catalina for each pair, and used BOGO coupons = 8/$1.16 (they were $1 at Jewel, but I was already at Dominick's)

Sobe: $1.79 BOGO, BOGO IP x2 (up to $1.59). Miscalculated my total, could only use one q in my trans, so went back for two more with 2nd q :)
Listerine: $3.99, $1 CRT, earn $1 ECB
CVS Tampons: $1.89 Free after ECB
J&J First Aid Kit: $.99, buy 2 get $2 ECB x3
Softsoap: $3.99, $1.50 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Used $4/$20 from ReadyFill coupon book, spent $11.99 ECB and earned $10.89

(I had a *great* cashier who just put through every coupon with no comment!)
Archer Farms Crackers: $1.49, $1 Target q = $.49
Cinnabon bars: $2, $1 IP and $.50 Target q = $.50
Archer Farms Artisan bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
Corn Pops Bowl: $1, $1 Target q = FREE
Bananas: $.06 after Target q!
Int'l Delight Creamer: $1.15 sale, $1 IP x2 = $.15 each!
Yoplait Fiber One: $2.04, $1 IP = $1.04
Edwards Pie Slices: $1.14 clearance, $1 IP x2 = $.14 each!
Limited Edition Dt Dew: $.99 (splurge! LOL)
$3.83 with tax for ALL that! I love Target

Jewel Kraft Rebate

This is what I got for the Kraft rebate at Jewel. Spent $22.32 cash, and have $5 cat plus $20 rebate. Not too bad. We make our own ied coffee, so this was a great deal. Plus, those Crackerfuls are SO GOOD!

Also stocked up at Wal-Mart with my FREE coupons: Rice Krispies, Might Dog, Alexia Chips (from 'rebate'). Plus milk is $1.49 and eggs $.77!

Recently I have written to CoffeeMate to tell them I don't like the redisgned lid, and they sent me a FREE coupon :) I'm debating writing to Nabisco to say I LOVE the crackerfuls and to ask for more coupons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Target and Jewel


Bic Pens $1 x2, $1/2 Target q, $1/2 IP
Combos $1.50, $1 Target q
Bananas $.06/3 after coupon!
Apples FREE after coupon!
Softsoap $1 x2, $1 IP x2
Oven-Ready Lasagna noodles $1.38 each, cheaper than Barilla!
Frozen Spinach only $.86 each!
Sports bras on clearance

Gardein: $5.29 each, but FREE after coupons :)
Jennie-O Ground Turkey: $5.49 BOGO, $5 Biggest Loser q!!
Baby Carrots: $1.99 BOGO
case of Jewel water FREE after coupon.
I basically paid under $3 for all that. LOVE free coupons.

I leave you with this undiginified pose by Jack. He was playing with his toy and just stopped, and didn't move for about a minute. Weirdo!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Shopping Summary

Okay, there is one lone photo. It's been one of those weeks including mini-vacay, sales meetings at work and VBS all week, plus Dr appts on Friday. So groceries have been scattered and put away in stages, etc.

Target Joy

Target Summary:
Trans #1:
Tidy Cat $10.99x2, used 2 -$2 manq peelies and a $2 Target CRT. earned $5 GC.
Mighty Dog: 9 cans with FREE coupon
All 2-load size $.02 each after q (8)
$16.52 for that because I got $2 more off than I should because she was doing the coupons the long way rather than pushing the K1 button. *shrug*

Trans #2:
2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.79 used 2 $2.50 q that mom printed. By the time I got there they were even out of $2 ones.
Kashi cereal cup FREE after Target q

Trans #3:
2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies FREE after q
8 All $.02 each after q

Trans #4:
Glade Soy Candles: $2.74 on clearance, used $3 manq adjusted down
True North nuts: $2.99, used $1 coupon, had peelie FREE rebate!
Kashi Cereal Bowl FREE after Target q
6 more All at $.02 each (26 total!)
Zone Bars were our BEST result. They had bonus 6 bar packs instead of 5 for $4.79 each, which made them comprable to when we purchase at Sams Club, plus Sams doesn't carry this flavor. So we bought 2. Also used BOGO q for 2 bars. However, when he scanned BOGO coupon (didn't even read the q, just scanned) it took off $4.79 automatically!! BOGO on the BOXES! SWEET.
This trans was $10.08 and will get back $2.99 rebate. I love Target some days!!

(Target transactions over 3 days, haha. Love it.)

At Ultra:
3 Coffeemate at $2.59 each, used $1.50 IP x2 and $.55 IP= $4.36 and earned $1 cat
then picked up:
Centrella Milk: $1.78
Over the Moon Choc milk: FREE after q from a few weeks back
6 Fisher PB FREE after q
two clearanced soup bowls for lunches
Saved $.10 for two bags I bought, and used $1 cat. $2.90!! Worth it for milk :)

Returned two expired (by FOUR months. gag!) Starbucks Frap to Walgreens and got GC back. Earned $10 with script GC at Target.

12 Pineapple Bites BOGO and BOGO q
2 Nabisco 100-Calorie packs 2/$3 after Super Q, used $1/2 from Save $55 booklet
Barilla Picolini pasta: $.69 after Super q, used $.75 IP
18 Eggs $.99 after Super q
Butter $1.49 after Super q