Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what have i been up to?

Why, knitting. I think. But mostly moving into our new apartment! and by "moving" into "our" apartment I mean getting Matt settled in while I take as much as possible leaving with me only enough to live on for the next five weeks til I actually move in. Once we got it all set up, we realized just how much room we have! yay!

Click for big, of course.

Welcome to our home!

The coat and storage closet...

many kitchen towels thank to grandma...

Matching bathroom goodies!

The tile in the shower and on the floor looks NEW. Very nice.

Head across to the kitchen...

mmm, shiny red things! like a mixer which I have always wanted!

IKEA table and chairs.

shiny toaster!

I am going to put up my chair and my knitting basket in this corner in front of the bookshelf. mm, my own space!

The place where all the wires go...need more cords!

who's that guy??

one more room to see...

into the lair!

Where the knitting books hide!

fluffy new pillows

our generous closet.

There you have it! Now to organize my yarn for transport...keep watch. I may be getting rid of things for the cost of shipping plus a buck or so to cover boxes and PayPal fees. mainly akrill, but hey. it's good stuff.

Promise wedding flowers soon! Two left to knit...so close.