Saturday, August 08, 2009

Shopping Summary

Okay, there is one lone photo. It's been one of those weeks including mini-vacay, sales meetings at work and VBS all week, plus Dr appts on Friday. So groceries have been scattered and put away in stages, etc.

Target Joy

Target Summary:
Trans #1:
Tidy Cat $10.99x2, used 2 -$2 manq peelies and a $2 Target CRT. earned $5 GC.
Mighty Dog: 9 cans with FREE coupon
All 2-load size $.02 each after q (8)
$16.52 for that because I got $2 more off than I should because she was doing the coupons the long way rather than pushing the K1 button. *shrug*

Trans #2:
2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.79 used 2 $2.50 q that mom printed. By the time I got there they were even out of $2 ones.
Kashi cereal cup FREE after Target q

Trans #3:
2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies FREE after q
8 All $.02 each after q

Trans #4:
Glade Soy Candles: $2.74 on clearance, used $3 manq adjusted down
True North nuts: $2.99, used $1 coupon, had peelie FREE rebate!
Kashi Cereal Bowl FREE after Target q
6 more All at $.02 each (26 total!)
Zone Bars were our BEST result. They had bonus 6 bar packs instead of 5 for $4.79 each, which made them comprable to when we purchase at Sams Club, plus Sams doesn't carry this flavor. So we bought 2. Also used BOGO q for 2 bars. However, when he scanned BOGO coupon (didn't even read the q, just scanned) it took off $4.79 automatically!! BOGO on the BOXES! SWEET.
This trans was $10.08 and will get back $2.99 rebate. I love Target some days!!

(Target transactions over 3 days, haha. Love it.)

At Ultra:
3 Coffeemate at $2.59 each, used $1.50 IP x2 and $.55 IP= $4.36 and earned $1 cat
then picked up:
Centrella Milk: $1.78
Over the Moon Choc milk: FREE after q from a few weeks back
6 Fisher PB FREE after q
two clearanced soup bowls for lunches
Saved $.10 for two bags I bought, and used $1 cat. $2.90!! Worth it for milk :)

Returned two expired (by FOUR months. gag!) Starbucks Frap to Walgreens and got GC back. Earned $10 with script GC at Target.

12 Pineapple Bites BOGO and BOGO q
2 Nabisco 100-Calorie packs 2/$3 after Super Q, used $1/2 from Save $55 booklet
Barilla Picolini pasta: $.69 after Super q, used $.75 IP
18 Eggs $.99 after Super q
Butter $1.49 after Super q

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