Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay coupons!

CVS, Dominick's, Super Target

Smithfield Bacon: 2/$6, $3 IP x2 = FREE!
Easy Mac Velveeta: $1.25 each. Earned $1 catalina for each pair, and used BOGO coupons = 8/$1.16 (they were $1 at Jewel, but I was already at Dominick's)

Sobe: $1.79 BOGO, BOGO IP x2 (up to $1.59). Miscalculated my total, could only use one q in my trans, so went back for two more with 2nd q :)
Listerine: $3.99, $1 CRT, earn $1 ECB
CVS Tampons: $1.89 Free after ECB
J&J First Aid Kit: $.99, buy 2 get $2 ECB x3
Softsoap: $3.99, $1.50 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Used $4/$20 from ReadyFill coupon book, spent $11.99 ECB and earned $10.89

(I had a *great* cashier who just put through every coupon with no comment!)
Archer Farms Crackers: $1.49, $1 Target q = $.49
Cinnabon bars: $2, $1 IP and $.50 Target q = $.50
Archer Farms Artisan bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
Corn Pops Bowl: $1, $1 Target q = FREE
Bananas: $.06 after Target q!
Int'l Delight Creamer: $1.15 sale, $1 IP x2 = $.15 each!
Yoplait Fiber One: $2.04, $1 IP = $1.04
Edwards Pie Slices: $1.14 clearance, $1 IP x2 = $.14 each!
Limited Edition Dt Dew: $.99 (splurge! LOL)
$3.83 with tax for ALL that! I love Target

Jewel Kraft Rebate

This is what I got for the Kraft rebate at Jewel. Spent $22.32 cash, and have $5 cat plus $20 rebate. Not too bad. We make our own ied coffee, so this was a great deal. Plus, those Crackerfuls are SO GOOD!

Also stocked up at Wal-Mart with my FREE coupons: Rice Krispies, Might Dog, Alexia Chips (from 'rebate'). Plus milk is $1.49 and eggs $.77!

Recently I have written to CoffeeMate to tell them I don't like the redisgned lid, and they sent me a FREE coupon :) I'm debating writing to Nabisco to say I LOVE the crackerfuls and to ask for more coupons.

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