Sunday, August 20, 2006

cutest thing i've ever knit

yeah. an update, pretty recently after the last one, and with actual knitting content. a rarity these days, i know. i promise i've been knitting. a bit.

first up: the cutest thing i've ever knit. Knitty's Trellis. i wanted to shoot the dang pattern. it stank. you need to mirror cables. you must. but the twisty thing was not a cable, so on my swatch i got the back twists mirrored. but it was not to be on the actual back of the sweater. i gave up. then the way the left twist wa sin the pattern wouldn't work. only the right twist that Ana taught me. i don't understand why.

(UMMMM....okay. lately my photos suck. but they look fine until they get here...i have always, always made my photos 400 pixels wide. yet these are blurry. at first i thought it was just the sweater. but nope. the lazy is hazy too. why, why? with a good camera and just uploading full photos....argh)

awww, how cute! i love wee-sized things!

but what takes the cake is the buttons:

Knit on Denise size 7 in Lane Borgosesia 100% Lana Vergine. completely machine washable wool. it is so soft once you wash it. mmm. Ana generously donated this yarn. she said it was some odd stuff she picked up one time..strangely enough i've used this yarn before, but in a chunky weight from my LYS' bargain bin. go figure.

next up, what has been soaking up my time: modified Rose Trellis shawl outta Zephyr. mmmmmmm. Ana commissioned me to knit this for her grandmother to wear to a wedding. must get crackin! around half-way done with body, then needs a border. eeeep!!

great thinking went into this next photo, including my chin, the self-timer, and 10 seconds of a balancing act. it's a neat effect though. like looking out through semi-shut eyes. hmmm

and a better shot of the first flower i made:

two more white are done, a dark pink on the needles...i'm thinking a January 31st deadline for my wonderful friends to knit me flowers is good. see what i get. see what more i need and knit like crazy!!

is that enough of an update to satisfy monkee?

Saturday, August 12, 2006


monkee has been complaining that I have only updated 3 times in the past six months. maybe because i was busy gradumutating and other fun things. did you know I'm getting married? ;-)

anywho. time for the mega update. with actual knitting content. oh. that reminds me. forgot to take two pictures. hang on.

*muzak plays*


okay then. here goes.

Last night was an amazing time! tons of people, great yarn sales, good snacks, time to knit, meeting new people and chatting with old. so so much fun. my first ever experience of any sort of knitting group thingie. yeah.

It started with me travelling to the next train station over to meet up with Tucker to drag her into the city. i informed her of all the local LYS' and which were must-visits. also the location of the nearest Hobby Lobby for all her crafty needs. we are debating starting our own local knit group, even just in our houses and maybe just once a month. but just something we could do! because we had a blast the rest of the night!

and the back row is Kristen (purrl); and oh boy...i forgot her ID. was there with her hubby (?) and they were both a stitch to be around!!; next up is the darling April the Okie! she stated we needed a photo to prove to monkee we were in the same room at the same time. heh. bottom row is me, of course, and the lovely Tucker!

Kristen helped organize our Knitty meet-up there. we also met Celtic Coyote and her friend who doesn't post often. There were also regular Friday peoples hanging out and knitting, and then extra people since Stitches Midwest was going on this weekend. It was SO very cool to put faces to names!

not only was everything 20% off, there were yarns for $1. some were frou-frou Berocco and other things, but there were some cute balls of wool that Tucker and I were eyeing. But then Kristen walked up, "you girls ready?" and she dumps the most stunning colours of yarn in, and goes back and grabs more. we got first dibs because we were right in front of the rack, and then other people caught on to our excitement and flocked. so very cool!! and a while later, She walked by with a basket of other yarn that i had been looking at and said it was going in the $1 bin as well. i pounced again. i haven't bought yarn in months and months. just been gifted and swapped. and i couldn't very well leave it there for $1 each, could I???

lookit the bag o yarn i brought home! bigger than the knitting bag i took with!

what's inside?


Karabella Superyak. 50 yak, 50 merino and it is SO.SOFT. four skeins, 125 yds each. beautiful deep colour.

but see?


see this too?

mmmm. Lorna's Laces Dove. 80 wool, 20 cotton.

oh the green! it was so lovely I snatched up all i could. 165 yds each.

true view of the blue here....denim.

but look at them together!

so very nice! the pink is greatly varied, compared to the other two. they will go so well together. i'm thinking simple top-down raglan, striped. maybe slightly belled sleeves. according to Ann Budd i have more than enough yarn for a raglan for me. SO exciting! will do it top-down to use as much yarn as possible. yippee!



craptastic pics to follow!

nifty how this:

turns into this:

Matt wasn't too enthused. i said look, mister. you said we could knit flowers. it'll look really neat once it is finished (when i get wire and leaves and accents for his!) and i think it's great to have something to keep, especially for the parents and wedding party (and us!) as well.

today i also went to B&N and got the new issues of VK and IK. so many wonderful things! most especially the first pattern in VK. fair isle and cabeled long sweater coat. i want i want! thankfully i had already "read" IK online, since it was plastic wrapped with a little booklet gift. it's just scarves though. whoop-d-doo.

i also finished knitting Trellis during the knit party, but forgot pics. will seam, then find buttons and knit the collar. go me go! i love baby knits!

so hopefully this satisfies wee little monkee, off at camp for the weekend!