Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Day Overall

Phew. Rachel convinced me that buying band aids was a snap, so off I went!


The first Wag's denied me, so I left everything there and went to one two blocks away ;)
Band-aids: $1.99 with in-ad q, then $2 off each from Activity Book = earn $.03
Trident Layers: 2/$2, earn $1 RR, $.75/1 IP x2 = $.50 cash, earn $1 RR
Total: $.63 cash, left with $1 RR
(gotta love wags. Gum scans at $1.29 and $.71. so silly!)

Chili Master: $3.99 BOGO, $2/1 from AllYOU x3, $1/1 from PC book
Shopper's Value Saltines: $1.49, but FREE WYB 2 Chili = $.98 for 4 chili and 2 crackers
More meat, of course! I found one lone burger for $1.59, stew meat for $2.34, and finally some tenders for $2.74 and $3.03. Not the best on chicken, but average is good, and now I have some beef!
$7.95 cash for all that.
Plus, even though all stores have signs saying you won't earn gas rewards anymore, and spend them before they disappear; however I'm up to $.05 off again...haha. glitch!

Safeway shoppers are reporting Newman's Own Thin Crust for $2.49 "reduced for quick sale." Well, my local store had just the Supreme and Roasted Chicken & Garlic for $2.69, so I snagged one of each.
-$1 Shortcuts, $1/1 IP x2 = 2/$2.38! YUM that's tonight's dinner.
Ensure FREE after q that expired today. Used GC from script, s obasically FREE.

Overall a good day...I would have gotten some amazing things at Target, but oh well, Dominick's pharmicist like left the building or something, so I couldn't transfer my script and I didn't buy anything...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sign Up for Vocalpoint

If you have yet to, you MUST sign up for Vocalpoint. They send amazing coupons quite frequently, and you don't even have to do anything in response! I also love their packaging and think their marketing team does a great job.

Vocalpoint Goodies

Sample of Secret Clinical Deodorant with 5-$2 coupons, and a Kashi packet with 2-$3/1 and 3-$1.50/1 coupons for Go LEAN Crunch! Yay! On sale for $3 at CVS this week.

Speaking of CVS..

Quick CVS Trip

A perfect example of using coupons to pick up fun stuff for FREE while only paying for the things you need ;)
Zyrtec: $22.99, $4 manq
Kashi: $3, $3 Vocalpoint q
Candy Corn: 2/$.88
Snickers: $3.59 BOGO
Used $5/$30 coupon. Paid $19.32 cash for the needed Zyrtec, and hubby got the candy he wanted :)

The ad is slightly confusing, as you get $5 ECB WYB $20 of Halloween candy, and there is a page of candy sales. However, it seems that ALL candy is a part of this week's deal because the Snickers and candy corn both counted on my receipt. Now debating if I want to go back for M&Ms or other things. Not sure. Can get them cheaper at Target this week. Anyway, I think it is ALL candy because last week's ad said "Selected Halloween Candy" and this week's ad dropped the "selective." Now maybe we can find some deals....

We also made a quick stop at Petsmart to cash in on 6 of those FREE treat coupons from a couple weeks back, and a toy with a $3 survey coupon. And Trader Joe's for $23 worth of groceries. heh. Kinda cancels out the Jewel deals, but we got good stuff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...

...Remember that jingle? haha

MORE chicken!

As you can see, these are SMALL packs of chicken!! It averaged out to $1.11 per pound!! I highly recommend you try and score some of these tomorrow (last day!) I hit up two stores on my lunch break, and they didn't have any. One store on the way home had 1+lb packs, so I didn't get them. But my closest store had a good amount to choose from! I also got a 3-pack of Glade refills on clearance for $.50 and a can of beans. All that for $4.52 total :)

[My two days averaged out is 4.58 pounds of chicken and 1 pound of beef for $7.03 total, or $1.26 per pound!]

I also saw the Fruit 2o 20 oz bottles were $.89, so try and use those $1 coupons if you have any left!

Monday, October 12, 2009

MMM, Chicken and Pasta!

Yes, I went to Jewel again. I haven't felt this way about Jewel in a while!


See? $3 instant savings and Fav 4 Meat savings ;)

Fav 4 Meat

I totally lucked out at the Westmont store. Three packs of chicken left: $1.49, $1.68, $1.97. Then a twin pack of pub burgers for $3. Then the auto $4.10 deduction. A total of 1.93 pounds of chicken and two 8-ounce burgers for $4.11! That's $1.40/lb. GREAT I may stop at my local Jewel before work tomorrow. Can't beat that for thinly sliced chicken breast. I would like some tenders, too.

MORE Pasta!

I also found a $1 OYNO catalina at self-check (But not until after I paid for the meat) so I decided to come home and print the Ronzoni Smart Taste coupons that appeared today.
Pasta: $1 each x8, Used 4 $1/2 IP
Juice: $2.50, $1 coupon in Jewel PC Update book
Used $1 OYNO cat, got instant $3 savings for spending $10
Total of $1.86 cash! hehe. Cashier was shaking her head to herself as she put in my coupons, but didn't say anything. I also got some GREAT cats from the garbage. LOVE self-check. $1/1 on: Honey-Comb, Grape-Nuts, Swanson Broth, ANY Skippy, nut-trition. $3 on any Green Works laundry detergent.

All in all, a great day. Good thing we love pasta. I'm gonna go boil some up for workday lunches.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SC Johnson Rebate

SC Johnson Rebate

I was pretty excited about the $3.50 Glade Fragrance Collection IP, especially when I started reading about the prices at Wal-Mart and then the rebate here!

The three-wick candles were $4.50, and I used 4 of the $3.50 coupons
Small jar candle on rollback for $3, used $3 IP
Nature's source cleaners at Target: 3 were $2.99, one was $2.49
On each I used a $1 store q, and a $1 manq (from the insert and some on the bottle).
Total cash: $9.72
Will get back $15 in rebates, so I made money! Will be great as Christmas gifts :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pasta, anyone?

More Jewel

Well, Jewel and Dominick's both rocked the pasta (haha) this week. Not like we needed to stock up or anything, and Matt doesn't like whole wheat pasta, but oh well! ;)

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest: $1 each, bought 8, 4 - $1/2 IP
Palmolive: $2.50, $.75 manq
-$3 instant discount for spending $10, will get back at least $2.50 for Palmolive rebate!

We also had stopped at Jewel Wednesday night:
Jewel Water = FREE after coupon
Coffee-Mate: 2/$4, $1/2 store q, $1/1 IP x2 = 2/$1
Yoplait: $.50 each, $.30/1 store q x5, $.50/6 IP = 6/$1
Propel: $.47 each (super sale!)
Stoneyfield limited Pumpkin Pie flavor: $1 (no, not on sale!)
Dasani water: Free with mycokerewards coupon
CASH: $4.79
The two ladies in line behind me were impressed with our savings! haha

Dominick's has a sweet deal where you buy two jars of Classico and you get two boxes of Barilla FREE. Well, thankfully I had held on to some catalina coupons I had (expired, got from Dom's) for $1.50 off ONE jar!
Classico: $2, $1.50 x2 = 2/$1
Barilla: 2 FREE
Dishwashing Gloves: $2.50, $1 IP
CASH: $2.50

CVS had a candy deal that was meh, but I wanted the Reese's for Matt's stocking!
Reese's: $9 for two-8-ounce cups. Craziness
Kisses: 2/$6, $2/2 CRT, $1/1 manq x2
CVS Gummy Worms: $1
Lindt Bars: 2/$4, $1/2 manq
Spend $20, earn $5 ECB
Revlon nail polish: $3.99, earn $3 ECB

Monday, October 05, 2009

Jack Attack

Jack seemed to know this purchase was for him:

Target 1
Target 2

Palmolive: $2.49, $.75 manq, will submit for FREE rebate
All: $1.02 each, $1 manq = $.02 each
Hormel Compleats: $1.87, $2 manq, adjusted = FREE
Fancy Feast Appetizers: $1.22 each, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = FREE
Cesar Dog Food: $.89, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = FREE
Feline Pine Litter: $5.51, $1.50 IP FREE rebate
Purina ONE food: $5.99, $2 Target q, $3 manq = $.99
Pantyhose: $3.24
Total: Used $5 GC from Kashi deal. $11.44 cash, will get back $13.51 in rebates


CVS brand shampoos: $1.99 each, $2 CVS q from RIB = FREE
RIB magazine: $.99
Gold Emblem nuts: $.99, $2/2 CRT
CVS Immodium: $5.49
Used $2/$10 CVS CRT. Earned $2 quarterly prescription ECB

There is only one package of nuts pictured because someone thought that was for him, too, and ran off with it in his mouth. =)