Tuesday, July 18, 2006

leavin' on a jet plane

so...now the Amazing Lace has a pit stop, and the five people on the participants list above me will (hopefully) stop in to say hi.

unfortunately, i haven't updated lately, har har. that is because i have literally been too busy to knit. at all. i squeezed in maybe 10 rows yesterday, but the purl rows seem to kill my hand. so i have to stop for a few minutes after every wrong side row. it's quite beautiful though. i love me some Zephyr. mmmmm.

and i have one "wedge" done on my lorna's laces Helen's lace shawl. and once i get a swift i can wind the knit picks alpaca cloud for my other shawl. my summer of lace is turning into no knitting.

but now on Friday i am leaving for Leeds, England with my church group. we're gonna hook up with a church there, and run VBS for a week, and also do some construction. plus some site-seeing in London and Edinburgh. maybe i will even meet a Knitty-head or two, but it's not looking too likely. i am plotting taking knitting on the plane. it seems i should have no trouble leaving the US with knitting in my carryon, but might have trouble coming back. i'm taking size 1 bamboo dpns (which almost break in use! therefore, how could they hurt someone??) and some Denise. i might even finish the baby sweater during the week, which'd rock. but if i stash the needles with my pens and stuff, and bring nothing else knitting....and have nothing near the needles that'd show up on x-ray, i might could possibly get my knitting for the ride home. i mean, it's 8 hours of straight knitting time. c'mon! on the way there i may try and sleep a bit to ward off the time change. we shall see.

okay then! welcome! hopefully updates upon my return.