Saturday, August 23, 2008


I had the opportunity to go to Stitches Midwest with jpknits. We had a GRAND time! Except she is just the WORST enabler. ugh.

We got samples:


And cherry tree hill:

I bought 4 skeins:
To make the Dolman Top from Knit So Fine

and 10 skeins:
to hopefully make the Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-d-Loop. Not sure it will be quite enough yarn for the medium. But it's a quick knit and if I run out, maybe someone at Rav has some...I don't think it's an old color. We shall see

Two skeins of mystery silk, maybe 160 yds each, but only $3

Also finally finished these projects:


And that's about it. Yay for finally having Photos!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

oh the joys of Fed Ex

Go figure this one out...

A customer from the UK needed some books urgently, and it was getting late last week Wednesday afternoon. I said we'd do our best and according to the FedEx website, even if we shipped it that late in the day it was still considered "today" and would arrive there Friday...because if we shipped Thursday it wouldn't arrive til Monday which was too late for them to use the book.

So I work with our recptionist to fill out all the airbills and make copies of invoices, etc. Then I sit back and watch the tracking online.

They arrived at Fed Ex at 7pm Wednesday.

They got to my customer at noon (6am here) Friday.

Yes, you did the math right. 35 hours, door-to-door.

Then last Friday I mail out Ceci's package containing Gianna's "welcome to the world" gift. The Fed Ex site says it will arrive Monday.

Monday comes, and the tracking online says "couldn't find recipient." uh, say what? I've sent things to her home before. So Ceci calls Fed Ex on Tuesday, and they will deliver it they say....

Tuesday, the Fed Ex site says that "no delivery attempted due to weather." Okay, this is Texas. What sort of weather would this be??

FINALLY, today, Wednesday, it was left on her doorstep at 3:30pm.

120 hours. to TEXAS. $5
36 hours. to the UK. $279

I guess this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for.


Monday, August 18, 2008

How I get my deals

So I thought I'd share some info because I know some of my knitting friends have been interested in the stuff I get for amazing prices.

It started with the Money Saving Mom and I went to two other bloggers who have since stopped blogging (haha)

I also check Hot Coupon World, a forum where I can figure out what to buy at CVS and Walgreens.

And today I stumbled upon a really funny post here. Which led me to subscribe to that blog as well, where I saw this post and sure, I'll enter ;)

These blogs also clue me in to deals at McDonald's, Starbucks and the like, so I can enjoy the extra things in life that I don't always get...

So enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

One more update...

Soooo yesterday I finished the turtle except to embroider the eyes. Hopefully tonight I can finish sewing on Norberta's arms so I can embroider that, too. All my embroidery floss is at my mom's, so I'll be picking some of that up tomorrow. This means I should be able to upload pics as well, either Saturday or Monday. whew. Cast off Matt's sock #1 and cast on sock #2, so yay there!

Getting ready for Stitches Midwest next week! Along with JPKnits and CelticCoyote. woot woot!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ravelympic Update

Yes, sorry...slow on the updates. Because I'm so busy knitting? Plus it's dull since photos are difficult to upload...I am trying to remember if my camera has a cable or not, which would make things easier.....

Anywho, here's what's up.

Turtle - Body is completed (sewn and stuffed). Casting on shell now on lunch break.

Dragon - Body assembled and stuffed. Legs stuffed. Need to sew on legs and wings, then do embroidery.

Matt's Socks - On cuff of sock #1. whew. He also works late two nights this week, so I can work on them undetected ;)

Vest - haven't touched. just need ends, buttons, blocking.

My socks - pretty much back-burnered. Not really a contender.

That's about it! Must finish errands and chores before Olympics are on tonight because it's women's gymnastics!!

(on my wish-list: a DPN holder. one of those fabric rolls...I should be able to make my own, however....)

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Olypmics

I just LOVE the Olympics! And of course I will be at VBS during opening ceremonies...phooey. Except I get to play with my favorite babies all week, so that's great.

Anywho, I put all my Ravelry WIPS into the "Ravelympics" just so I get some stuff socks in the sock event, two stuffed animals in the gift event, and two UFOs...a vest that needs ends, buttons and blocking, and Matt's socks, the first of which is near the cuff already.

Hopefully I get stuff done..and pics later this week when my KnitPicks order arrives

Friday, August 01, 2008


I have about an inch to go until I do the heel on my sock!

Of course when I showed Matt my lovely sock he asked "what about my sock?" so I countered that he wouldn't wear it until winter with jeans and he said indeed he would wear them now with his navy dress pants!

Those will be next up...while I wait for my KnitPicks order to arrive...two of my coworkers paid for the yarn to make Norberta and Sheldon from Knitty for our co-workers' son who is turning two next month. Gotta knit fast!!