Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Dominick's Primer

Here are some tips for shopping at Dominick's!

-Sales run Thursday-Wednesday. Watch for the Sunday ad, as it may have different coupons and new sale items to coincide with the 2nd half of the period of Thursday's ad.

Ads oftentimes contain "Super Coupons." These generally require a $10 purchase to use, but the prices are amazing. They are store coupons, so you may combine your manq's with them. Always offer the store coupons last. Remember to cut them out, as they keep them after they scan them.

The 'regular' price of these super coupon items do NOT count towards your $10 total. You must still spend $10 on other items. However, the regular price counts toward any $x/$xx coupons you may have, so base your math on that.

One fun thing of note for this store is a promotion from Proctor and Gamble called "E-Saver." These are coupons that you 'load' onto your store savings card from this website. I have redeemed these before, and the first time I used it, I thought it didn't work, but now I figured it out after looking at my receipt.

We had $1.50 off any Crest toothpaste with my e-saver. I also had a store coupon for $1 and a manq for $1.50. The shelf price was $2.49. SWEET! It would be more than free since I had $4 in coupons. Indeed, it worked! This means their registers are not picky when you have a coupon worth more than the item. I checked my receipt, and the e-saver comes off as part of the card-sale-price. It said $3 card savings, and scanned at $.99. I then used my $1 and $1.50 coupons.

E-saver coupons can be used once, they do expire (about every 2 months?) but new ones pop up. You only need to load them on your card once, and you can then print a sheet of what is loaded. Combine this with manqs and store sales for some amazing deals!

Dominick's is also great with allowing you to use a new/transfered GC coupon from any other store. They love to get your business, and the pharmacsists we have dealt with at all locations have been nothing but super-nice.

I didn't use to shop at Dominick's, because I thought they were SO expensive. And they are, because the newspaper recently ran an article saying how Jewel and Dominick's are 30% higher than your smaller stores, and Whole Foods is about 15% higher than even those. Ouch! However, if you know how to play the deals, it will work well for you! Use those GCs!

A note about Internet printed coupons: Their policy strictly states only ONE will be accepted at a time, meaning even though you can print two, only one per transaction is allowed. No FREE items, but BOGO are okay. If you e-mail them, they will write you back with their policy so you can take it with you.

I don't have much experience using their self-checkouts yet, as the one I shop at most often is old and small and doesn't have them. If you have anything to add about them, please jump in in the comments section!

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