Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why yes, Thursday *is* shopping day!

Whew. On Thursdays I travel about 20 miles down Ogden avenue, which means I can hit up many, many stores, and often multiple locations of the same store ;)

First up: Dominick's. They are having one of their "Buy 5, save $5" deals. I scored! Wished I had my free sample of Kashi Honey Sunshine with the FREE coupon, but it hasn't arrived yet...

Dom's Cereal Deal

(Prices are AFTER $1 savings per box)
Cheerios: $1.50 x2, $1 IP x2
Kashi Autumn Wheat: $2 x2, $1.50/2 IP
Kashi Puffs: $2, FREE product coupon from a complaint
Kashi U: $2, $1/1 from Whole Foods booklet, $1.50/1 IP
NV Nut Clusters: $2 x3, $1 IP x3 Also: Cellfire AND ShortCuts each took off $1 Nut Clusters and $.40 NV granola bars. Go figure... but $.20/3!
The cashier fed me a line about if an Internet q doesn't scan, they won't accept it. I told him to be sure he covers up the goofy barcode then. Somehow he scanned a $1 a 2nd time, so TOTAL: $3.53 w/tax (so $.36 each!!!) That's better than my target price of $.50/box, and for healthy cereal for once!

Cheap Chicken!

I stopped at Jewel to try out the hidden deal of Fave 4 meats that I read about on Rachel's blog. I have read this before, but not tried it. Worked like a charm! About $1.58/pound, sweet! Great deal for "fancy" cuts like thin cutlets and tenders. We'll have fun breading these up and adding to pasta or dipping in sauce.

I then hit up Target, with unpleasant employees!


Buddies Bar: $.97, Target q adjusted down automatically: FREE
Gerber Bottle: $.99, FREE after Target q
Cinnabon bars: $2, $.50 Target q, $1 IP = $.50
Archer Farm Bread: $.99, FREE after Target q
GM Cereal Cup: $1, FREE after Target q
Yoplait: $2.25 x2, $1 IP x2 = $1.25 each
Chef Michael Dog Food: $.89 each, BOGO Target q, BOGO manq = 2 FREE! Both coupons took off the amount automatically!
The cashier told me she was not allowed to take the GM cereal coupon on the cup, I politely said there was no size restriction on it, so yes, they do take it. Called some CS person over, and she said "I need ALL of the coupons" and she printed a copy of my receipt at another register so she could review things. That's like saying to my face "you are abusing the system!" I'm not the one that makes the coupons!! sheesh

Finally, the drug stores:

Drug Store Steals

CVS: 12 of the protein bars that are B2G1 (so 4 free), an used 6 BOGO q (pay for 2 total). PLUS I used the "$4/$20 Diet or Nutrition Items" q from the ReadyFill booklet.
Gade Sense & Spray: 2/$10, used $4 manq x2, to pay $2 and receie $3 ECB
FREE nut coupon from my e-mail
Used a $2.99 ECB. But although the protein bar q's are up to $1.59 and they cost $1.79, he took off full price, so I could only use 5 BOGO q's. $.45 for all that!"
Walgreens had vitamins on sale for $6.99/100 ct. Used $2 manq and $2 Wags q from the Back to School August booklet. $2.99 each is quite decent.
Rimmel eyebrow pencil: $2.09 on sale, used $1 manq.

(yesterday at CVS I got my mom the new Zyrtec eye drops. $12.99 sale, $4 manq, $5 CRT and $2/$10 allergy purchase from ReadyFill book!)

WHEW. That shopping always tires me out, but it is totally worth it. 4 boxes of cereal for a coworker, 2 for my brother at grad school, the bottles and buddies bars to add to a gift basket for our youth pastor and his wife, dog food to donate, etc. Shopping is such a thrill!! I still can't believe anyone pays full price for anything.

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