Sunday, October 29, 2006

pumkin carve!

Did this last first had been debating something knitting-related, but instead I just grabbed a knife and had at it. I started with the cat tail, and my 8th grade "soon-to-be step-cousin by marriage" (haha) knew exactly what I was doing. Then we were deciding what to do with the cat I cut out, so I trimmed the back down, and stuck it to my pumpkin with toothpicks. Then I felt it wasn't done, so added a mouse. 'twas fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

snowy video

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apparently youtube doesn't like me. so here it is from photobucket.

just an update!

i finished dishcloth #2, but don't have a pic. it's more boring than the first one since i switched the colours, but hey, at least we now own 2 washcloths for our first home :) dork, i know.

the other day, we found this on our porch, and he then started going up the wall and disappeared around the corner:

cool, huh? made me think of gail and abe. yup.

my friend Matt gave me these books that his mom was clearing out from her 2nd cousin's stuff after she passed away. hold your breath:

uh. yeah. are you as excited as i am??? Barabara Walker 1 AND 2?? yes. and she also has dresses that are knit (possibly 40s era) and some yarn AND some spinning books to show me!! I am so thankful for this gift and will value it for many many years.

i was bad and cast on for a sweater for me:

just your generic top down raglan in my $1 LL Dove yarn =) so pretty, and soooo soft. Matt was like...did you finish those 9 things you had in your basket? haha. is he learning? or should i be he'll keep tab on my WIPs for the rest of my life *gulp* yeah, i need to knit my flowers too. But i should be having regular Sunday knit times with my pal Tucker :) that should help my production.

today it snowed!! i am attempting to load a video to make monkee scream and Laura be happy :)

let's see if it works:

no need to turn the sound up. there is none, except for the fact that i accidentally left the radio on while filming and now i cannot delete the sound.