Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sometimes, I even amaze myself!

I vaguely member sending away for some free formula sample a while back...well, Matt got the mail while I was out today, and I had three samples! Free newborn diaper, free Head & Shoulders AND free formula....yes, each can makes 15 - 6 oz bottles! That is CRAZINESS!! Good thing I know a baby being born this weekend! :)


CVS was sorta ho-hum, but stuff I could use.

CVS Essentials

Cookies: 2/$5, $1 CRT, earn $2 ECB
Kleenex: $2.59 x2 (I've used an entire box so far this week, and I'm down to my last one! A necessity!)
Got a $3/$10 CVS CRT today, so used it.
Progresso: 3/$6, $1.10/3 IP, earn $2 ECB (love this for lunches in winter!)
Oatmeal: $1, $.75 IP = 2/$.50

(Debating hitting up Jewel for the GM Catalina...I could get 9 more soup for ultimately less per can than at CVS. But then it's actual cash. hmmmm)

Target rocked, again. Cashier was a bit put off, but so what?

Target Knockout!

9 small bags of Chef Michaels $.50 ea, 9 FREE coupons
8 cans of Chef Michaels $.84 ea, 4 Target BOGO and 4 man BOGO = 8 FREE
Bounce Dryer Bar: $3.74, $2.50 manq, $1.50 Target q = -$.26
Kraft Miracle Whip (we were out): $2.54
Archer Farms Green Beans (also out): $.72 each
Shick Intuition Gift Packs: $8.48, $4 manq, $4 Target q = $1.44 for 3!
Special K: $2.39 each, $1 manq on each, earn $5 GC!!
Paid $11.86 cash, plus have a $5 GC in hand!


We'll see if I get to Jewel tomorrow...hmmm.

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