Friday, December 31, 2004

It's a Wavy week!

I cast on Christmas morning, and just finished today. I love it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

So Much Yarn on SALE!!

I got a total of 25 balls of yarn and two sets of needles for $133!! Yarn was 40% off and needles 20% off, so it totally rocked seeing as I didn't go over budget. I have been saving all that money for a while now, plus what I got for Christmas.

This is my Mariah, 10 skeins, with 9 in one dyelot and one extra just in case even though the dyelot is different. Color 8400 - Charcoal Gray

Here is Quattro 9439 - Aruba for the pixie hat in Knit Wit.

Two skeins of Plymouth Sockotta 502 for good old socks, my first pair (gift).

Lamb's Pride Nature Spun Worsted in Natural and Eucalyptus; and Peruvian Pink and Sapphire for two pairs of Chipman's Block Mittens from Knit Mittens! (gift) the blue one actually looks purple in person, even though it's called 'Sapphire.'

color 130 (2) for Hurry up Spring Armwarmers in SnBN and 3 in color 52 for a Booga Bag.

a Lamb's Pride Bulky in Sable for an oven mitt from Felted Knits.

my impulse buy as i stood in line! i have been eyeing the Squiggle yarn forever now, so i finally got it and Splash in '7 seas' as if i need another scarf!

my CPY size 1 and 2 for mittens/socks. i love these needles!

so that's everything! time to start working on my old stash before digging in to this one. if i can wait hehe.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

lots of FO's!!!

I finished my 'Christmas sweater' just in time. Even though I had to frog 5 inches of lace on the sleeve and not seam until Christmas eve. But it looks fantastic!

Paton's Divine Lacework Sweater, 'Richest Rose'

my iPod cover:

hmmm, close, but no cigar. i need to rethink the openings and take about two rows off the length. but not bad!

i cast on for Wavy, and currently have 2 repeats done, although only one is pictured:

and i also couldn't resist the mini skull bag:

and i also whipped out a novelty scarf, but i'm not yet sure if it's "ME" or a gift..maybe SP? so no picture ;)

guess that's enough for now LOL enjoy! more details on my website.

Monday, December 13, 2004

It's Christmas Time in the City...

I swear I'm still here! Just working madly on all my baking and gifts to get ready for the holiday, plus dealing with all of my homework while time marches on. I will try and play with this blog and my site after the holiday madness is over. promise! for now you can find me on the knitty board

Thursday, December 02, 2004

SP3 Update!

OH OH OH! we are to reveal ourselves by Saturday. I will think of how to tell mine tomorrow. And I cannot wait until the person who spoiled me reveals themself because i am so so happy with my gifts! It was a fantastic experience. unfortunately, i cannot participate in SP4 because of money and time (big school schedule next semester) but i will definitely look forward to it in the future!