Monday, June 29, 2009

Month-end Review

Yes, our four-week June experiment has come to an end. And we ended on a high note!! $7.01 left of our budgeted $250. Not too shabby, considering all of the items we got for stocing up and donating! Plus plenty of treats like some beer and other goodies from Trader Joe's.

Started out this month by going to our farmer's market here for the first time ever in two whole years of living here ;) It's only Sunday mornings, which isn't too convenient for us. Spent $10 on fingerling potatoes, grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Roasting them up to go with some chicken for dinner tonight! Today I hit up Target for my script with GC q and got some deals.

Palmolive Eco + Dishwasher detergent: $2.74 x2, used two $.50 Target q and a free Target reusable bag q from Sunday's paper.
PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams...oh YUM!!! Worth $5. I promptly sliced up an apple and dished up a serving of this goodness. I even licked the plate when I was done!
Hair color $6.94
Ham. buns $2.49 (Arnold Sandwich Thins, which I have wanted to try. Who can beat 100 cal and 5g fiber? Made with 100% Whole Wheat four, too)
$10.21 after GC, so good deals.

I also got my $15 Miller rebate in the mail. yay! boosts this weeks budget. teehee

So yes, we are continuing this budget. Not sure about entering the AllYOU grocery contest. hmmm it makes you include dining out, but excludes household items, so I guess the dish detergent wouldn't count. But what about health & beauty? We are going on a mission trip during the contest time period, and so I'm not sure how much food for ourselves we have to provide, which could push us out of the budget. Will have to think about this one!

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