Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick run for goodies!

Dom's and Jewel

Sugar: $1.50
Morningstar: $2.49 clearance x4, $2 manq x4
Soda: 3/$1!! yay!
ICBINB Sticks: $1.99 each, $1 manq x2, earn $2 CAT
Quaker Chewy Bars: $.99 w/super coupon
$8.78 cash, earned $2 CAT
Turned around and bought Real Simple, which is one of my favorite mags to read. Used $1 manq from a magazine (last issue, maybe?) and $2 CAT. Paid $1.99 for this magazine which includes:
TARGET q for FREE Glade Fragrance Collection
$5 GC WYB 3 Pledge
$5 Hallmark coupon that I wanted :)
Paid for itself!

Cream Cheese $.88 each. Ad says limit 2, but tag didn't say anything and they all rang up. Used $1.25/3 coupon found at Dom's! ($1.25 on any 3 items, pictures cream cheese, baker's chocolate and jello)
Moon Milk: $2 rain check, $1 coupon

Yesterday's Mail: VocalPoint Pantene coupons
Today's Mail: My 3 $5 SC Johnson Rebates

Bro found special one-day unadvertised sale of canned pumpkin for $.39 at Hy-Vee today! Bought me 6 :)

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