Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Highlights

Okay then...last week I hit up Dominick's for the clearanced Morningstar products at $2.49, used $2 manq (5 boxes total. These Southwestern ones are delish!). Also did the Home for the Holidays spend $25 get $5 at Dominick's. Of course it's never as good as Jewel, but you get all those crazy e-coupons. The highlight was the Toll House RTB Cookie Dough. $3.69, had a $2 store q, $1 manq, and THREE $.55 e-coupons came off. Plus it counted towards the deal. Also got a free OJ for buying 4 Pillsbury items. Overall it was okay. and I'm going back tonight with my $5 cat for some oatmeal that's $1.50.

I also scored at Jewel because they had the expired tag up for the Over the Moon milk - got one for free, one for $2 and used $1 coupon = $1/1gal!


Today I stopped at Target
Flatbread: reg. $3.99, $1.99 sale, $1 store q = $.99
Up & Up Baby Wipes: $1.97, used $1 q (thought the shelf said they were less. Oh well!)
Degree Fine Fragrance: $3.29 each, $3/2 store q, $1.50 IP x2
Printed a store q for $1.50/1 from cat machine, and I still have an IP that expires Sunday, so will go back!
CD for Matt

Jewel has Ragu for $.88, and I bought it and then Rachel points out there is a printable. Hopefully when I pick up the paper Saturday there is also a Ragu q and I will run out for some more. This is one thing where we are brand specific (picky!) so will stock up. On average with the ones I didn't have coupons for we will still be good. ALSO even though it is "limit 2" it is the usual Jewel way - 2 per FLAVOR!
Cheese is $1.28/8 oz, bought 4, used $1.50/2lb printable = $1.81/lb!

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rachel said...

Oh sure blame me! :P At least I remembered the printable before the sale ends Saturday, do I get bonus points for that?