Saturday, December 31, 2005

leaving on a jet plane...

well, not really. but alas, i am going into chicago to spend new year's, and then leaving sunday to go to Nashville, not to return until friday. to Maryann's delight, i have now finished attaching the zipper to my Mariah. and i am not entirely happy with the sweater as a whole, but it is wearable and warm and soft. oh how i love Cascade 220. pictures when i return, as well as pictures of the mittens i made from the Gifted pattern using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superbulky that Ariel swapped with me.

on my trip, i am taking the ruffles scarf, as well as my lace shawl, and some sock yarn. i shall be attempting two socks on two circs (or so i hope) as i cannot find an online tutorial i like, that helps me. i thought i found one last night using google, but today's search results do not match. grrrr. stupid google. anywho, i will be using the elann free toe-up stockinette pattern and moda dea sassy stripes yarn. this way i can mess up and learn what to do before using my lorna's laces sock yarn. i think for that yarn i will use elann's wavy sock patter, as i really like how it turns out since i have already used it.

okay. so i leave you the cutest picture in the world, even though most of you have already seen it. heh heh. my youth pastor's kids wearing the sweaters i knit them for Christmas.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Catching up....a monkee post! (in more ways than one)

hmmm...i know, i know. i haven't posted in a while. school has kept me busy. as has knitting. so here's another pair of Chipman's Block mittens...i'm addicted! i have the pattern memorized! Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted weight in Amethyst and Peruvian Pink, size 1 and 3 CPY dpn's. i love them, and my hands will finally be warm!! here they are, attractively laying in the snow.

and now, for monkee, here's the six inches of snow that fell yesterday:

so today i go out for the mail, and am almost on the porch when the mailtruck reverses from two houses down, and the guy hands me a package he almost forgot.....hmmmm,

egads, look! she actually picked up a cr*chet hook and made purty chains to tie up my parcels!!

some shirts from her b' from his school, and one loving a state i have never set foot in...

then Missy went to the thrift store and bought me Texas goodies!! bowling and barrel racing! fun!

oh my gosh! look! polyester!

this is the BEST thing in this package, hands down. just call me Linda! doesn't my hair look fab as well??

that's the true colour..and it rocks...even better? the back!

and then a little something for me to make:

awww, my monkee loves me!

i promise my next update won't be so far away...gotta knit one last Christmas gift.