Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Walgreens 3/3

Well, well, well. Walgreens lured me back in. I wasn't going to buy a lot, but stopped in for one item, and I called my GC to check my balance because I thought it was around $4 but they had already reloaded the Feb rebate I submitted last month! Craziness. So I shopped!

Transaction #1:
8 bars of Dove soap: $.99 with in-ad coupon. Buy 8, get $10 RR! Paid $8.53 GC to get $10 (only did this because I was gonna spend $10 anyway, so it's like I only spent $8...y'know.)

Transaction #2:
The Axe shampoo had one of those "check out at cosmetics!" signs so I figured they got some credit, but the young girl looked at me like I was nuts, but the nicer woman volunteered. Great thing she did! First off, she loved that I brought my own bag, and loved my deals, and we talked about the weather, etc. Fun stuff.

Glade Sense & Spray and Lasting Impressions: $9.99 each (x4)
Used 2 BOGO coupons, 2-$4 manq and got $4 off each with IVC = -$4.02 for 4
Axe Shampoo $5.99 FAR
Wal-Zyr $3.99 FAR (yes, it is almost allergy season ugh. I think I have enough free pills to last me the entire season though!)
Hershey's Mix packs: sale 2/$7, use IVC for $3/2, then manq for $2/2 = $4/4! We love Reese's by me, and I am giving one to my brother.
Thingamajig candy bar: 2/$1 (this is PB where the Whatchamacallit is caramel. should be yummy!)
Peeps: $.39 with in-ad coupon, as a filler

Total before any coupons: $65.63
Store coupons: $22.30
Man. coupons: $31.98
Used $10 RR from Dove and $1 RR from Excedrin
Paid $4.25 with GC. Only $.35 of that was item cost, the rest is SALES TAX. Yes, that is how well I did!
Rebate coming back: $10.98
So paid $12.78 GC to get $10.98 rebate, seems good to me! ;)

And yes, if I waited to buy the Glade this coming Sunday (they are on sale for $7.99 each) I would have made $2 more on each pair (so -$4.01 on two). However, that store sometimes gives me trouble using the coupons that way, and even though it would most likely be the same cashier that allowed the Glade coupons before, why wait? Why risk them not having stock when they are still paying me for them this week, and I 'applied' that overage to my FAR items?

Going today (probably a different store than yesterday though, to use my last Glade BOGO) and I need to return the Apple Cinnamon Glade Gel Plugins because they aren't part of the rebate from last month. Which is STUPID. But oh well. They better give me my money back considering I wrote on the receipt for my rebate, grrrrr. They can call themselves and find out it isn't an 'accepted' item.

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