Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go CVS, go!

CVS 2/23

This trip was with the express purpose of using a $2/$10 CVS CRT, AND to get up to $10 of Blade products to earn $3 ECB.

Sometimes CVS is like gambling. I heard people were getting the (in)famous $2/2 nuts CRT, and there are nuts for $.99 and $.79, so always a money-maker! And I got it! Also got a $1 CRT for Blade Shave Gel.

Blade Energy Drink: $2.19, $2/2 coupon
Blade Shave Gel: $3.19, $1 CRT
CVS Almonds: $1.98 for 2, $2 CRT
CVS Cotton Swabs: $.50 to get me to $10.05 to use the CRT
So that is good, would have paid $2 ECB, earned $3
But I also found the True North on Clearance for $1.75 and used a $1 coupon as a treat for Matt (must always scan clearance items! Tags said $3.49 and the almonds scanned that, but not these!) so I did pay $2.22 on GC (high tax in these here parts. ugh)

But then the $3 ECB didn't print, but even though this was a cashier I regularly go by, he wasn't his normal cheerful self, and there was a line, so I just left. But I did call Customer Service yesterday and got the nicest lady and she said it definitely should have printed, but sometimes those money-totals take a while to update in the system. I should check my account in 48 hours and hopefully it either prints on its own or she will watch and force it to my account. so that did turn out! Matt likes this Blade stuff (has matching cologne spray, shave gel and shampoo now) and I have switched him to it from Axe, which is generally cheaper! go me!


Michelle said...

I was reading your comment about giving up sandwich bags on money saving mom and I have an idea. At the dollar store they have plastic containers made to fit a sandwich. Hope this helps! You can also put your chips, etc. in small plastic containers.

Carrie said...

That machine is JUST like a slot machine to me. I totally get the same rush waiting to see what I got that one gets watching the cherries spin past on a one-armed bandit.