Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grocery Previews


Normally I just post the deals I get, as so many blogs actually TELL you the deals. I don't have the consistent time each week to post the deals, and oftentimes don't get them early like some bloggers seem to. Instead, here are my thoughts on the sales starting tomorrow:


I have a $5/$50 coupon, and a $3 off any 'extreme value' pack of beef (when you spend $25 total). The key to a $5/$50 (or any amount) is to bulk up your total with coupons for free items!

The super coupons this week I am interested in (limit 1 item per coupon, must spend $10 to use coupons):
18 ct eggs $.97
64 oz Tropicana OJ $1.97
Kraft Mac & Cheese $.49
Quaker Granola bars $.99
Peter Pan PB $.99
Sara Lee Sandwich Bread $1.99

These items do not count towards your $10 purchase. But if you have coupons, it could help. Unfortunately, I don't have great ones. $1/2 Quaker, $1/2 Tropicana but 2nd item is at regular price, so not really a great deal.
However, I do have a $1/1 PP PB coupon, so I'll score that for sure. Will buy granola bar as well. Depending on price of 'premium' kraft mac & cheese, I might use my $1 off when you buy premium/velveeta and a box of regular. Could be good!

As for beef, the 93% lean is $3.99/lb. Depending on what size pack (The ad does not say what size qualifies as 'extreme value') my $3 store coupon could make it a good deal! Then we could make yummy low-fat meatballs for our next spaghetti night.

Many juices (Mott's, Welch's, Ocean Spray) are a $5 off WYB 5 deal this week, and I have many $1 coupons. However, not much room to store juice, which is quite annoying. Our tiny apartment is full of food as it is! We try and use up stuff, but lately there have been so many deals. Really, you just have to know when to stop ;)

I also have my coupon for a free Kashi entree, a free bottle of Coffeemate, etc. Hoard those coupons for $x/$xx coupons! It really helps. I'd never dream of spending $50 cash at Dominicks. But after coupons I know it will be under my GC amount (gettinf $25 with my script today) or so I hope. I will try really hard!

Ultra Foods

There aren't too many location around, and not one near where I live, but it is semi on the way home from work, so I go occasionaly. Especially with the amazing sheet of coupons they put out today! For the next four weeks, they have FREE items when you spend $10. This week it is a free dozen eggs, and a 28-pack of water for $.98. They have Scott Ultra Soft TP (the only kind we buy) for $6, which is decent. So that's my $10 threshold, and I have coupons for the TP. Tack on the 'free' items and bam. Worth the trip! I can't wait. Definitely going there on my way home tomorrow.

Plan to hit Dominick's on Friday. Hopefully not the one next to my apt. building as they don't have self-check. sheesh. Self-check is so much easier! LOL

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