Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dominick's 3/13

Dominick's 3/13

Yay Dominick's! We had a guy who I think was an assistant store manager or something. Very nice, helping us out. Especially when after I entered all my items and ALL my coupons and hit 'pay with gift card' it went into a blue screen of death. So we had to retrieve my coupons and do it again on another register. But he was joking and smiling the whole time and telling me he must have missed the class on saving money! LOL

Annie's Mac n cheese: $1.25 x2
Cheetos Hot 3/$.99
Quaker Granola Bars: $.99 with in-ad coupon
Cranergy and Welch's $3 each, then $5 instant off, used $1x3 coupons = 5/$7
Peter Pan PB: $.99 with in-ad coupon, used $1 manq = FREE
Funfetti Cake and Frosting: $1.99 and $1.50 (for work)
Ghiradelhi Chocolate Chips: $3.85 (special treat for Matt to make his fave cookies)
18 ct eggs: $.97 with in-ad coupon
Glucerna cereal $4.69 (but it didn't scan in the system, they had to enter as grocery item, which messed up my catalina), used $5 coupon
Glucerna Cereal Bars: $2.84 each, used $2 coupons
Suave: $1.99, used my FREE coupon and it automatically took off the $3 max.
Zone Perfect Bars: $1 each, bought 10. Used B1G3 and 3-$1
Thomas' English Muffins: $1.49, used $1 coupon

Used $10/$50. Spent $16.45 on my gift card (from my script) for 32 items, and got a $4.50 OYNO catalina from the Glucerna bars! yippee!

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