Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shopping Spree today!

Bear with me, LOL, just as poor Matthew did as we went out in the snow to get to Walgreens before church =)

Shopping Spree 3/29

Transaction #1:
Softsoap $3.99, used $1.50 manq; Skintimate $2.99, Chapstick $1.99
Earned these RR: FREE Softsoap, $3, $2

Transaction #2:
4 20 oz cokes, which earned me 4 free Hershey bars. Used 2 Coke BOGO coupons so $2.98 for those 8 items (half of these are Matt's 'treat' for going with!)
Glade Soy Candles $5.99, used $2 manqx2 and $2 April IVC (I thought I had the $4 coupons, but guess not. So I paid $4 more than I 'meant' to, which stinks but oh well)
Softsoap $3.99, used FREE RR, earned new RR
Walitin 30 ct (Walgreens Claritin) $6.99 April FAR
Pepsi 12 packs: 4/$12, used B2G1 manq and earned $3 RR

Transaction #3:
Softsoap $3.99, used FREE RR, earned new RR

Transaction #4:
Jane eyeshadows: $2.19 and $2.69 on clearance, used $2 manqx2
Skintimate: $2.99, earned $3 RR
Softsoap $3.99, used FREE RR, earned new RR

Transaction #5:
Glade Soy Candles: $5.99 used $4 manqx2, $2 IVC = FREE
One-a-Day vitamin drink mix: $1.49 FAR, used $1 manq
Chapstick: $1.99, earned $2 RR
Softsoap $3.99, used FREE RR, earned new RR
Meow Mix clearance $.63 (needed filler to use RR)

(Spread over 3 stores, LOL)

GC spent: $31.91
RR's earned: $32.95 (FREE softsoap and $2 remain)
Store coupons redeemed: $8
Man. q's redeemed: $24.48
Rebate earned: $9.33
Value: $105 at least!!! (Because I don't remember shelf price for all of the items)

Target: Gilette Body Wash $2 each, $2 coupon = $.51 for all 3
CVS: Glade Lasting Impressions $5.99, $1 CRT, $4 manq, earn $1 ECB

Crazy day :) So glad I can get things I want (like soda and some new makeup), things I need (believe it or not, I have shampoo out the wazoo and no body wash), and things I can share with others (some things not pictured, already given to friends at church) for basically FREE (walgreens cost me cash in the very beginning, but not lately).


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