Thursday, March 12, 2009

CVS today. It evens out!

Yup yup, haven't been to CVS in a while. I had a good trip, which I deserved after Target gave me trouble. Thought I would stop at a different one I drove by, rather than waiting til after worship practice....dumb idea! The cashier told me I couldn't use a store coupon AND a manq on the same item. No matter how I explained it, she wouldn't do it, called a guy over, he said no. I said I wanted the manager, "I am." uh, right, that's why your name tag says 'trainer'? So I went to the desk, after taking my coupons back (Mott's applesauce) and asked a really nice woman there (who's name tag had no job title) and she said yes, I can, and told the guy who had just said he was a manager, to go tell the cashier I could use them. Haha! So he had to ring me up at a different register, and my original cashier (now 4 lanes over) was yelling at him to check the price because my coupons were more than the item (they aren't!) LOL All that to get 2 packs of applesauce for $.14 each. Sheesh ;) Plus a basket I need for organizing cleaning supplies

CVS 3/12

On to CVS!
Herbal Essences Hydraliscious shampoo/conditiner (cuz I need more!): $2.88 each, use $3/2 manq, earn $1 ECB each (got raincheck for 3 more)
Nature Valley & Fiber One Granola Bars: 3/$10, used $.60x2 and $.50x1, earned $5 ECB
Crest Pro-Health toothpaste: $2.99, used $1 q, earn $2 ECB, PLUS free MIR
Mt Dew Voltage: $1.49 used $.50 CVS coupon from cooler door (to reach $20)
Used $4/$20 that came in my e-mail today, spent $1.32. Used $9 ECBs, earned $9 ECB

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