Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CVS today

CVS 3/17

Easter Candy!

Hershey Kisses: $1.88 each, bought 3, used $1.50 CRT and $1.50 manq
Hershey Bliss: $2/$7, used 2-$1 manq
Cadbury Mini Eggs: $2
Cadbury Mini Eggs single size: $.50
=$15.14, earn $5 ECB back
Colgate toothpaste: $2.99, earn $2.99

Paid $.39 GC and used $13 ECB. Earned $7.99 ECB.

Sometimes it's not about earning more bucks. It's just buying the things you want. My bro only uses the toothpaste in this type of container, so it's worth it to me to just pick it up to extend my ECBexpirations.

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Amanda said...

Easter candy is so good. The Peeps and Cadbury eggs always make me flashback to my childhood. Yum!