Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Letter Mail Day!

Mail 2/23

Okay, that box on the right I had to pick up from the office. While the slightly smaller Pssst! box was shoved in my mailbox. We live in an apartment. You can picture how small a mailbox is. Well, I turned it at an angle and had to pull it the entire way out, scraping the sides as I went. Gee, thanks mr postman. You had to take my other box to the office, so why not both? Even the woman in the offie was surprised he had done that.

Mail 2/23

I had just read an e-mail I got from Pssst!, which is a General Mills product advisory board, telling me to watch for a package. It came today! The new flavor of Fiber One bars, Chocolate Mocha, plus 10 $1.35 coupons for me to share. We love these bars, and I am happy to try the new flavor since I have yet to find it in the stores.

I also got my first campaign package from BzzAgent which is a Word of Mouth marketing tool. I got Afrin nose rinse, so now I have to try it and pass out coupons (8-$3) and talk about it, then send in a 'report.' We'll see how it goes! I liked that the surveys you answer give you MyPoints, which is one of my favorite rewards sites (if MyPoints interests you, let me know your e-mail address and I can send you a referral).

I also got a $15 check from Synovate, yet another survey place. Not sure how long I've been with them, and this is the first check I requested, although I realized I could have cashed in earlier at $10, but hey, at least it didn't take too long to arrive.

Lastly, I got the first issue of my new Taste of Home subscription that a coworker gifted me with for my birthday :)

I love mail!


Stariel said...

Just wanted to say hi since I haven't in a while. Plus, I lost your email. :( Hope you guys are doing well!

Amanda said...

You are going to love ToH. I've been getting it for years, and some of the recipes in there are now in my stack of "tried and true" favorites. Enjoy!