Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still rolling the catalinas!

Jewel 3/17

Transaction #1:
Wheat Thins Artisan blends: $3 each, self price $4.15. Used BOGO coupon
Kraft 2% shreds: $3.89 sale, $4.19 shelf price
Total shelf price: $25.06
Sale prices: $21.56
$3 BOGO q, $10 and $4.50 catalinas. $10 from last Jewel deal and $4.50 from Dominick's. Yes, as I have read on other blogs, it is just a manq and you can use it anywhere. It scanned, no problem!
And of course, my $10 and $3 did NOT print, which bothered me. So I went to the service desk and the assistant grocery manager didn't really understand the deals...asked if maybe using a $10 coupon would negate (his actual words!) the new one printing, but I said I'd done it before. He nodded, asked the service desk girl what she could do...so I suggested a GC because I would be using the catalinas at Jewel anyway. So they did! Except she did it as a grocery return, so I got $13.29....

Transaction #2:
Capri Sun: $2.95 shelf, $2 sale. bought 8
Easy Mac: $1.08 shelf, $1 sale
Total shelf: $25.76
Sale: $18
Used $13.29 GC. New $10 did print!
(also bought a gallon of milk)

Paid $12.94 for all of that. The Capri Sun will go with our peanut butter and granola bars to feed the homeless. Now we just need to decide when we will go (maybe when it is a tiny bit warmer for more than one day) and buy bread at Aldi and make the lunches!

I am offcially done with this Catalina deal LOL However, there are two Kellogg's catalina deals coming up.

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Amanda said...

Hi, Helen! Glad that Jewel gave you credit. Are you feeding the homeless on your own or do you work through a shelter or organization? Either way, that is awesome. Keep up the good works!