Monday, March 23, 2009

Walgreens today!! Clearance items galore

WAGS 2/23

I was excited to see the $2/3 packs of Stride gum in yesterday's paper, since I knew Walgreens had them on sale for $.79 each this week! They were pretty bare looking when I got there this afternoon. This is also the first Walgreens I visit that actually had the Bic Soliel refills on clearance as well! Woo hoo! The only razor I use (since I've been getting it free since last July LOL)

Stride: $.79x15 = $11.85 minus $2x5 coupons = $1.85 for 15 packs
Bic: $3.59x9 = $32.31, used 9 $2 manq and IVC for $2 on each = -$3.69 for them!! haha
Schick Quattro: $8.99 each, used $4 manq and $4 IVC = $1.98 for 2

My total was $5.44 on my GC, of which $5.30 was tax. So yeah, $.14 for all that! The cashier was impressed, as was the guy behind me as my total was $60 and then down to $5. But the razors are at east $6.99, if not more, at regular price, so this was over $100 total of merchandise (the Schick razors are $11.99 and $9.99 regular)

VERY good deals! Hubby is glad to have some different flavors of gum around and already tore into the brand new Nonstop Mint flavor =)

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