Sunday, February 08, 2009

free @ CVS today!

CVS 2/8

  • Crackers: $1 each. Bought 4, used 2- $2/2 coupons = FREE

  • Glady Spray: $.99 each, $1/2 manq and $1 CRT, adjusted down = FREE

  • CVS Rolaids: $1.99 FREE CRT = FREE

  • Sprite 20oz = $1.59 (all we paid for, but Matt had an upset stomach and needed it)

So yes, no ECBs used, none gained ;) $1.80 spent on gift card for soda and tax. Easy day!

No, I haven't posted much from CVS lately. I haven't been in the mood and haven't seen much. My ECBs have dwindled, but I got another $30 GC for my script this month, so I can rebuild when I get back in the swing of things.

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