Monday, February 09, 2009

Clean on the cheap

Walgreens 2/9

We want to switch to using more natural cleaners (like baking soda and vinegar and lemon juice) but I still enjoy some convenience, especially when it comes to cleaning the toilet. This is a 3-month supply for $2 ;)

All items were $3.50. Used $3/2 coupon for scrubbing bubbles, and two-$1.50 pledge coupons. I love the all-purpose spray, so the convenience of the wipe is nice.

So that's $9.09 off my gift card, but get $4.40 back on rebate. Still ahead for the month!


Ceci said...

Hi Helen! I have a pretty award for you on my blog. :D

Sheryl said...

hey, i'm trying to put together centerpieces for my wedding reception on my own. just wondering if you had any tips/advice/links for me. thanks! :)

Sheryl said...

oh the main reason i thought of asking you is a. i vaguely remember you doing your own centerpieces (right?) and b. i'm trying to save money. florists would be our last resort.