Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walgreens Trip 2/22

WAGS 2/22

Matt decided to sleep in, so I left for church super-early so I could stop at the stores beforehand ;) They had some good deals I didn't want to miss out on. (don't mind my 'stickering' of the photo yet again. I always forget to remove things that shouldn't be there...oops!)

Stayfree 2/$4: Should have been able to use BOGO and $2/2, but the $2 wouldn't work. Still, $1 each is okay
Glade Plugins: $2.50 each (except Apple didn't scan sale price, hoping they work for rebate!), $1manq x4, get back $4.40 on rebate = 4/$1.60 yay!
Excedrin: $1.99, $1 get $1RR back = FREE
Foil: Scans $1.69, use $1 coupon, then in-ad coupon makes them $.89 each. Bought 2, so -$.22 for 2 =)
Reese's Whipps Candy Bars: $.89 BOGO with in-ad coupon, used 4-$1/2 coupons = -$.44 for 8! hehe

Gotta love items that you are paid to take off their hands.

Which is why I'm waiting until 3/8!! They have those new Glade things I bought a few weeks back for $7.99 each. Use a BOGO coupon and a $4 coupon, PLUS the $4 store coupon, means they will PAY ME $4.01 for each 2 I buy. I'm hoping to get 8. haha The BOGO and $4 did work together, so I'm hoping she does it for me again. This cashier is always really amazed at what I save. If they won't accept the BOGO and $4, they are still free after a manq and storeq $4 each, but not a huge moneymaker! It's fun because you then use that 'free money' to pay for the other items in your order, like the free-after-rebate items for March ;)

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