Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick CVS Run

CVS 2/19

Not the best I've ever done, but good enough! Especially considering I did it on the fly with ECBs expiring today, and not having the $1 on any CVS skincare (due to laziness and forgetfulness). I picked up this stuff to utilize CRTs and also get some nice stuff to go in a gift bag I am creating for a nice woman and her 10-year-old daughter.

CVS Cotton Balls $1.99
CVS Nail Polish Remover $1.99
CVS travel size Cotton Squares $.99 x2
(Buy 2 CVS products above, get $2 ECB, so earned $4 total. Can do 3 more times)
CVS Low-dose aspirin $1.99 FAECB
CVS Hand Lotion $3.99 earn $1 ECB
Nail Polish $1.99 BOGO50%
Excedrin travel pack $2.49 FAECB (rain check from the other week)
Used $2/$10 CVS brand, $1 on CVS lotion, $2 on cosmetics CRT
Used $11.58 ECB, earned $9.48

I also returned all the recalled ProMax bars yesterday (I had given them to my uncle for Christmas) and it was enough to get him a box of Zyrtec D instead, plus have $2 left over and earn $1 ECB, which showed up as Benadryl on my receipt, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully I can find more of those travel size cotton squares on Sunday...

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