Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jewel Catalina Deals

(OR: Why you should never throw out a General Mills coupon)

Jewel 2/19

Several Catalina deals are overlapping at Jewel (Shaws, or whatever you have where you live). The new one starting today is buy 10 GM products, get $10 OYNO. Perfect, because there are no price calculations and arguing about why your coupon did not print. Buy 10 products, plain and simple. Also, ending this coming Sunday, is the Nature Valley (plus I think Chex bars and something else) Catalina where if you buy 5 you get $3.50 OYNO. Huh....imagine that!

Nature Valley Granola bars: $2.50x5, $.60x2, $.50x3
Chex Mix Bars: $2.50x3, $.60x2, $.50x2
Pillsbury rolls: $2.50, $2.50 free coupon, $1 coupon
Paid $17.54 cash and received a $10 and $3.50 OYNO! Worked like a charm

We need milk for breakfast tomorrow (plus snow is coming tomorrow. I know from working there that when bad snow is forecast, milk, bread and water just FLY off the shelves. No way I'm waiting 'til tomorrow to buy it!).

Kellogg's cereal: $2.50 each, $1x4
Get a free gallon of milk instantly WYB 4-Kellogg's
Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars: 2/$4.50, $.75x2
Grapefruit 8lbs for $2.49! Amazing! I love grapefruit. Great price.
Butter $1.88 each, which is good. Why yes, I did already have 4 pounds of butter in the freezer, which hubby pointed out the moment I pulled it out of the bag ;) Hey, we like to bake!
Used the $10 and $3.50, paid $2.21 cash.

So 20 items for $19.75. Definitely a good deal. We needed some cereal that was not Frosted Mini-Wheats (earlier this week bought 4/$6 with Dominick's coupon and used 4-$1 coupons, great dela!). The Nature Valley bars are to add to a PB sandwich to hand out to homeless (hubby's passion) (using free Fisher PB from Ultra).

So once again, I set foot in Jewel only for the Catalina promos. But I happened to check the hummus section, and the item I have a raincheck for is not on the shelf anymore...strange.


KarenB said...

I tell you what, Helen. You've got this coupon thing down to an art. What are you knitting on these days?

Carrie said...

Congrats on rocking the double dip Catalina. Wish I hadn't missed it!