Tuesday, February 13, 2007

oh, the weather outside is frightful

going to and from work (2 miles) wasn't bad at all. maybe 10 minutes there (instead of 5) and 20 home (instead of 10). but the roads SUCK. and so I called, and the really nice woman said she'd rather I was safe, so we could do it Thursday. She was really really nice. So I hope this next one goes well. I hope Tucker's advice is right on, that they just really want to get to know you better. In teh first interview with her, I mentioned I have great attention to detail, which is so important in knitting. Turns out she used to. She occasionaly crochets now, but not much. So there was that connection.

anyway, there were definitely drifts up to my knees when I had to wipe off the car window to leave work. sheesh. the back of our house faces East. The wind is pretty strong coming from the West, mainly, and so our entire patio on the back of the house is completely devoid of snow. It's kinda fun. Meanwhile, the front door is covered in snow, and the stairs leading up to the house barely look like steps at all. Crazy crazy!

Yay that Bezzie saw this! I was so excited to see her comment. I knew she would be excited for me, but thought she'd be too busy moving. weeeee

later gators


Lisa P said...

That's great that she let you reschedule. :)

Cheryl in VA said...

I really must ask where did you find your 'project tracker' over here on the right side of your blog, and is it possble to access it for anyone else?
Also Congradulations on your upcoming wedding - Sept 1 is a marvelous day to get married - it will 7yr for us this year.
You can email me or just leave a message over on my blog
Thanks Cheryl