Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shopping Spree!

sooo, yay for tax returns! heh. I have decided to spend it on some clothes that I do actually need (like a new pair of denim capris or else I would have nothing to wear this summer) and some things I want (like a dress) and a few other wedding things. The rest will go to one of my loans.

my mom had a 30% off thing with her charge at Kohls and they had a major sale (like they do every week, haha)

so i got these:

Matching purses, but in two sizes, and for only a 30-cent difference. Strappy but comfy brown sandals! The bonus is, I already own one brown dress. And I have Matt's graduation to attend, and will hopefully go to Stinny's July wedding wearing that old dress I have. And then for Vegas fancy dinner and my rehearsal dinner I got this at Penney's:

Very happy with this! I am all set with fancy things. Now just to find wedding shoes.....

I also got the gifts for my bridal attendants. Yay!!

Whilst in chat, we were discussing shoes and such. So here are all of mine, except for the pair of sturdy black pumps, and yet another pair of brown lace up regular shoes (and my ratty old work shoes)

Not too many at all! Pleased with myself and they way they have pared down over the years and how little I have bought in the past few years.

and these beauties are going on eBay. yes. 4-inch glitter platforms. woo hoo for high school!

So that's it for now.... Hush Hush is nearing the completion of the knitting portion. Progress pics soon.


LaBean said...

I'm loving that dress!! I wanna see PICS with YOU in it! :) I love shoes, too. I'm trimmed down the number of pairs I have.. but hmm it's warming up.. time to get MORE :)

Wedding! :D

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Oh high school! I've got a pair of platform saddle shoes that I *finally* got rid of. Why do we hold on to those ugly things??

But I do love your new sandals--very cute!