Monday, February 12, 2007

oh. OH!

it goes like this.

Here I am, working in the back room. Boss is somewhere in the back room as well, but at the other end of the store. I've taken to keeping my cell phone in my pocket, on vibrate. Granted, it doesn't get a signal in most parts of the store, especially for incoming calls, but it does notify my of voicemail. But it was actually RINGING today, so I looked at it, saw the number and ran off to a corner of the back room to answer.

Tyndale wants me to come back for a "second" interview, with the woman that would be my boss. Very excited. Yes, slightly nervous. What does a second one entail? I do not know. I need to review the job description and maybe come up with some questions for her. She seems to like questions.


and yet it is supposed to be blizzardy out tomorrow. grrrrr. we shall see. Hopefully it's not too bad to get there or for them to leave early or somethin.

think good thoughts!!


Laura said...


congratulations and good luck!

Gina said...

Best of luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed and do the snow delay dance.

Bezzie said...

Woo! That's always a good sign!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Good luck. I'm throwing lots of warm fuzzies your way. In my experience the 2nd interview usually entails them getting to know more about your personality and seeing if you'll be a good fit. And if you actually want the job. I hope it goes your way.